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After the long-time rivalry, a possibility emerges that Steph Curry and Lebron James may play for the same team. A rumor is spreading fast across the NBA Universe that the Warriors can trade Jordan Poole for Lebron James with the Lakers. According to Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports, an anonymous NBA executive reported that Golden State Warriors might be looking to swap Poole with other players, including the 18-time All-Star.

This unknown executive explained the process a little, saying, “the Lakers can buy the young guns from the Warriors like Wiseman, Kuminga, Baldwin, Moody, either one of them. With this window open, they will have to decide between Poole and Wiggins. But if they want Poole, they have to give up on a big gun like Lebron James. If the Warriors get James the team will have a firepower including Green and Curry. Then the Fun begins.”


LeBron James Wants To Be Traded To Warriors

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In a recently published report, Sam Quinn, CBS Sports, noted that Lebron James mentioned last April that he would love to play alongside Stephen Curry, the most among the current league players. The popular belief is that King James should not waste his remaining playing days fighting for the Lakers, where the chances of winning the championship anytime soon are not looking very bright.

Ethan Skolnick, via ESPN 710 AM radio show, expressed his opinion on where Lebron James should likely finish his career. Skolnick feels “James should go back to his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, or maybe to the Miami Heat, with which he won a couple of titles. He should try to win there in the last days of his career. According to me the Lakers may not want to retain him.”

King James Is Doing Really Well With Lakers

Lakers Vs. Pelicans
Lakers Vs. Pelicans

Despite the invaluable contributions from the four-time NBA MVP, the chances for the Lakers to make it to the playoffs look bleak as their current standing in the Western Conference is the 12th seed. The Thunders, the Spurs, and the Rockets are the only teams that lag behind the Lakers.

This standing does not do justice to King James’s talents and performances this season. Even without Anthony Davis and other stars due to injuries, the King single-handedly took the team forward. Lebron James is still counted among the top players this season at 38, averaging 29.1 points per game. Equally contributing with rebounds and assists, 8.2 and 6.7 per game, respectively, for the Lakers (19-22).

LeBron James
LeBron James

King James is searching deeply for his fifth championship, but his current team does not look like helping him quench his thirst. After the 2020 season, the Lakers find it hard to put up a consistent show. Lebron James is already 38, so he is losing valuable time to make it to his fifth.
Although the veteran is keen on giving his best for the Lakers every time he is on the court.

The Warriors may be a better option to win the championship. Albeit, the defending champions are not having much luck either this season. Their current standing is the eighth seed in the Western Conference with a 20-21 ratio.

Whatever happens, does not change the fact that King should be part of a team looking to qualify for the playoffs.

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