LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James is the player who was born to break and make many records. James is getting closer to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar\’s all-time scoring record in every match. The NBA Universe will have a new top scorer of all time in no time. Albeit, records are not the most important thing to a player like LeBron James. Furthermore, King James wants to win the best thing with his Lakers tribe, the NBA Championship.

It is not like he has not won a championship with the Lakers. He did in 2020. Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 4-2 at the NBA finals 2020. LeBron James won his fourth championship and the fourth MVP in NBA Finals award. But from the following season, James has not had much collective success, even in the ongoing season. However, from an individual standpoint, success and LeBron James are becoming synonymous even at the age of 38. King James is giving the best performances for the team every time, and records are just getting broken one after the another.


Why Is LeBron James Unstoppable?

LeBron James

As mentioned, he is already on his way to becoming the top scorer of all time, but he is also going up the order of the top assists list in NBA history. At 38, the average overall performance of LeBron James in every game is far better than most in the current season. King James is a total package. PPA, APA, RPA, and all the steals included making James one of the best in the overall season.

An absolute unstoppable force is what everybody can call this billionaire basketball player. James replied when asked about his achievements, \”All I want to be is a triple threat in every game with scoring, passing, and rebounds. That is the right approach, and things just fall into place when you do it with the right intent.\” 

What Is The Situation After The Knicks Game In The Records Book?


On Tuesday night, after the Lakers beat the Knicks 129-123 as the match went into overtime, James got strikingly closer to Kareem. LeBron James was again at his best, scoring 28 points along with 11 and 10 assists and rebounds, respectively. With James\’s first triple-double this season, King now has 38,299 points in his illustrious career.

He is mere 89 points away from becoming the top scorer in the tournament, breaking Kareem\’s long-held record with 38,387 points. As King mentioned, he wants to be a triple threat. He definitely is not satisfied with only scoring but also assisting. This hunger is shown through his love of breaking and making records. LeBron James is holding the fourth spot on the all-time most assist list. After the game against the Knicks, LeBron James has 10,338 assists in his name.


Famous point guard, John Stockton, was an absolute legend of the Utah Jazz. The Utah Jazz legend tops the list of the most successful assists with a mammoth 15,806, an arduous task to beat for anyone. Chris Paul for the Phoneix Suns tops the assist list among the active players, as he is standing in the third spot with 11,246. Standing in the fourth spot, King James can try to overtake Paul if he can continue with his epic form. LeBron James currently averages a staggering 30.2, 8.5, and 7.1 points, rebounds, and assists, respectively. 

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