LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron “King” James is all set to be crowned as the leading point scorer in the NBA. Being just 35 points away, James is expected to achieve the momentous feat in the next few days. Moreover, the Lakers are facing Thunders tonight. And the forward has been in good form since the last few games. Hence, King James will have an opportunity to achieve the historic feat today itself.

In the meantime, ahead of d-day, James is the talk of the town. The whole world is waiting to witness the iconic moment. Meanwhile, LeBron’s former Heat teammate Shane Battier spoke highly of LeBron James and called him the greatest basketball player of all time (GOAT). Moreover, Shane recalled the time when King James showed absolute resilience, grit, and determination and single-handedly outclassed the opposition during an Eastern Conference final game.


Shane Battier Calls LeBron James The Epitome Of Determination

LeBron James

Shane Battier shared the locker room with LeBron James while representing Miami Heats. Further, Shane recalled a game between Heat and Boston wherein LeBron’s performance left him completely awestruck. Shane said Boston was a formidable opponent to beat, and the odds were stacked against them. However, LeBron displayed a strong will and determination to outclass Boston with a 45-point game. Furthermore, Shane said James’ grit that day was something the former player had never seen before in his entire career.

Shane Battier further added he considers LeBron James, the greatest basketball player of all time. Further, Battier did admit he is biased, but with the kind of history and bond he shares with LeBron, he should be allowed to stay biased. Furthermore, Shane said he respects all the other legends of the game, such as Michael Jordan, but firmly claimed there can never be a player like LeBron James ever again in the future of the American League.

“You want to look up determination in the dictionary? It’d be LeBron James,” said Shane Battier.

Darvin Ham Says The World Wants To Witness LeBron’s Historic Moment

LeBron James Darvin Ham

As LeBron James approaches the historical record, the ticket prices of the Lakers’ games are at an all-time record high. Meanwhile, Lakers coach Darvin Ham says the Lakers locker room and the entire world is excited to witness the historic moment. Hence, the fans want the best seats at the stadium to witness King James create history. Moreover, Darvin expects a full house filled with electric energy in the next couple of Lakers games.

However, Ham says LeBron looks unfazed by the outside noise as his main focus is winning games for the team. King James, on multiple occasions, claimed that the personal milestones mean nothing to him if the team ends up on the losing side. However, this milestone is not just any other record. LeBron James is about to create history and register an iconic moment in sports history. Can it happen tonight? Maybe…Maybe not.

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