“LeBron James Is Not The GOAT, Fans Didn’t Even Respect Him,” Rob Parker’s Harsh Take On LeBron Vs. Jordan GOAT Debate

LeBron James

American journalist, Rob Parker, came down heavily on LeBron James while commenting on the Super Bowl incident.

LeBron James got crowned as the leading point scorer of the NBA a few weeks ago after the former surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The world thought that James’ historic achievement would finally put an end to the LeBron James Vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debate. However, that does not seem to be the case. Recently, King James attended the Super Bowl finals. During the game, James appeared on the big screen.

However, the crowd present for the finals started booing LeBron James in unison. Irked by the heckling, James hit back with an imaginary crown gesture. The video of the heckling incident is widely shared on social media, and the internet is divided. While some fans displayed solidarity with James, others mocked the Lakers forward. Further, American journalist Rob Parker also shared his take on the whole incident, a rather harsh one, to be honest.

Rob Parker Disregards LeBron James, Says He Can Never Be The GOAT

Michael Jordan- LeBron James

American journalist, Rob Parker, appeared on “The Odd Couple” podcast and shared his views on the entire super bowl saga. Parker said the people booing in unison for a player only means one thing that, “America only recognizes ONE KING, and it’s BURGER KING! “. The journalist further added that it’s James’ misconception that his being the leading point scorer in NBA could magically change people’s perspective of him and elevate his stature above Michael Jordan.

Parker later explained his point and said Michael Jordan could never get booed by a huge crowd ever in his life. Further, Rob said the booing incident only tells you that LeBron James can never be the greatest of all time in basketball as the fans do not even respect the veteran. For Rob, Michael Jordan is and will always remain the GOAT in the sport of basketball.

“I can not imagine Michael Jordan booed under any circumstances by a massive crowd,” said Rob Parker.

Logan Paul Weighs In On LeBron Vs. Jordan GOAT Debate

LeBron James-Logan Paul
LeBron James-Logan Paul

American celebrity Logan Paul answers his take on the whole Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James GOAT debate. According to Logan, LeBron James is the greatest of all time player in basketball. His partner on the podcast agreed with Logan’s remark and said LeBron would remain the GOAT in NBA regardless of the number of games played.

The GOAT debate is going to last forever, as both players are legends in their own way. While James’ longevity has resulted in more numbers, Jordan’s playing style ranks him at the top. Hence, disregarding a certain player’s achievements just to elevate the other seems unfair. Coming back to LeBron, the veteran is reeling under injury as he’s missed the last three consecutive games for the Lakers. However, the 38-year-old is likely to return soon as the team needs him to make it to the playoffs.