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LeBron James Injury Update: Lakers Provide Fresh News On Their Leader’s Right Foot Tendon Injury

LeBron James was not totally healthy when he played in the last postseason. He still gave his best for the Los Angeles Lakers as he helped the team reach the Western Conference Finals. In the early part of the 2022-23 season, LeBron James was leading the team without Anthony Davis because AD was out with a stress injury. Later, the eight-time All-Star returned but LeBron suffered a severe injury. Moreover, King James missed a month on court due to recovery.

However, it later came to light that the doctors could not fix the injury of the King yet. They needed to wait until the season was over. LeBron James may had to undergo surgery and recover before the next season begins. However, there has been a piece of new information regarding LeBron’s injury that has come to light. According to NBA insider Dave McMenamin, LeBron James might not need a surgery after all. The ESPN reporter suggests that LeBron James has already started preparing for his 21st NBA season.


LeBron James Changed His Mind About Retirement After Treating Foot Injury

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Newsweek

Unlike popular opinion, King James treated the ailment with a lot of rest. Moreover, Dave McMenamin mentioned on SportsCenter that LeBron James took some time off to fix his foot injury. On top of that, there is a chance that since he has been able to treat his foot injury well, James changed his mind about retirement. There are a few reasons that contributed to changing the mind of the Lakers Superstar. After the humiliating loss to the Denver Nuggets in the WCF, King James hinted about his retirement. But then certain things happened that helped the Lakers Nation to hope for the King to stay and play the next season.

For instance, LeBron James was happy after the activities of the front office in the offseason. He sent love to the new and old players in the Lakers roster since the start of the free agency. Later, in ESPY award ceremony, on stage with his family, LeBron James expressed his mindset on his future as a basketball player. He said that he could give a lot more to this game. Hence, in a way, his foot recovery with rest worked in his and the fan’s favor. The Lakers Faithful can’t wait enough for the season to start. They have a lot of balance in their roster. Moreover, the presence of LeBron James will help the other players a lot to boost their morale and confidence.

The King Slipped Against Mavericks And Suffered The Tendon Injury

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: BVM Sports

The last season saw the Lakers suffer because a lot of players were out with injuries. But the absence of Anthony Davis was proving to be too crucial for the team. There was too much pressure on the 38-year-old King James. Later, when Anthony Davis returned after missing twenty games, the Los Angeles side breathed a sigh of relief. However, soon after AD’s return, King James suffered a serious injury.

The Lakers were playing Dallas Mavericks in late February when King James slipped on the floor. He fell down and later mentioned that he heard a ‘pop’ sound on the bones. It was definitely not a good sign and later turned out to be a tendon injury on his right foot. The Los Angeles Lakers had to rule him out for almost a month until he returned right before the regular season was about to end.