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Ferrari Surprisingly Poach New Director From Mercedes Amid Mega Slump

Ferrari and Mercedes are both looking to get their team ready to build the most perfect car. Both have struggled since the cost cap era began. In fact, the Prancing Horses have not seen any championship success in the last decade. It has been only Red Bull and Mercedes who dominated the grid. But no other team has a greater record in Formula One history than the red devils. On the other hand, Mercedes has fallen so far behind but so quickly. They were at the top like two years ago.

The cost cap era changed everything. According to Toto Wolff, the budget restrictions are profitable in terms of the business. These restrictions saw the net value of the ten teams in F1 grow rapidly to a great extent. But Mercedes sure lost their touch on the title after they could not build a fast car with a limited budget. However, these two teams keep recruiting employees from other teams to strengthen their core group of engineers and so on. Recently, Ferrari recruited the performance director from Mercedes, Loic Serra.


Italian Manufacturers Recruits A Mercedes Director

Fred Vasseur Ferrari Toto Wolff Mercedes
(L to R): Laurent Mekies (FRA) Ferrari Sporting Director with Toto Wolff (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 Shareholder and Executive Director and Frederic Vasseur (FRA) Ferrari Team Principal. 16.06.2023. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 9, Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal, Canada, Practice Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Batchelor / XPB Images

According to, the Italian team is trying to manage the workload after David Sanchez and Laurent Mekies, two crucial members, departed. Previously, Ferrari has tried to recruit Pierre Wache from the Austrian team. However, Wache renewed his contract with Red Bull since they are winning all the races in 2023. According to the latest reports, Ferrari has been trying to recruit an engineer as high profile as Pierre Wache of Red Bull. They need someone who has substantial expertise in aerodynamics, front and floor suspensions, and also interacting with tires.

Hence, the Italian car manufacturers shifted their focus on Loic Serra of the German team. However, there are still more legal steps to go before they confirm Serra’s move to Ferrari. Albeit it is highly unlikely that it would impede Loic Serra’s move, the teams have not finalized yet. Everybody knows Serra is an expert in the optimization of aerodynamics. He will join and collaborate with Ferrari’s Enrico Cardile. However, these teams have yet to give a formal press release.

Ferrari Is Still Far Away From Ending Their Title Drought

Ferrari Boss Frederic Vasseur
Ferrari Boss Frederic Vasseur Source: PlanetF1

These changes are happening since Fred Vasseur became the team boss of Ferrari. They are waiting to win a rare Grand Prix. Moreover, they had a couple of podium finishes with Charles Leclerc in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the Austrian Grand Prix. Currently, Ferrari is the fourth team in the constructor’s championship. They have 157 points behind Aston Martin, who has 181 points. On the other hand, Red Bull has a 208-point lead over Mercedes with a massive 411 points after ten races. 

Ferrari has seen a lot of great drivers win titles, like Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher. But it has been too long since they won a title. The last constructor title for Ferrari came in 2008. But Ferrari won their last driver’s championship in 2007. Since then, Ferrari has failed to provide the fastest car to drivers like Sebastian Vettel, who won four consecutive titles with Red Bull. It has been fifteen years since the Ferrari team built a car that can win titles.