LeBron James With Son Bronny
LeBron James and Bronny Source: Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

LeBron James has fulfilled most of his dreams after joining NBA in 2003. He wanted to be the Rookie of the Year. And King James won that in 2004. Then, he wanted to win the championship with his home state franchise, the Cavaliers. And he got it in 2016 after a long wait. Next, James wanted to be the best player. He has been part of the GOAT debate alongside Michael Jordan for a long time now.

Hence, the Lakers’ ace’s long and illustrious career spanning two decades has been pretty fulfilling. Meanwhile, it does not look like ending anytime soon. Instead, James can play for many more years than he wishes for. LeBron James has one more dream that may come true in the next two or three years. King James wants to be part of the same NBA team alongside his son, Bronny James. Before he retires, James wants to play for a while in NBA with his son.


LeBron James Still Pretty Serious About Playing With Bronny In NBA

LeBron James Bronny James
LeBron James And Bronny Source: AlfroTech

Recently, LeBron James talked with Romona Shelburne of ESPN about his son’s future. James mentioned that “I’m pretty serious about playing with Bronny in NBA. I would like to wait till then.” Looks like James is willing to hang on till his son gets ready to join NBA. Apparently, Bronny James may get to play in the 2024-2025 season. LeBron James will be 40 years old. But looking at his fitness and averages, it sure looks possible. Bronny is gradually climbing higher in the ranks for the future prospects in NBA. He was one of the best in high school and is currently showing signs of improvement at Sierra Canyon in his first year.

The son of an NBA star will be eligible for the 2024 draft in NBA. That is why LeBron James hopes to replicate the MLB father-son duo, Ken Griffey Sr., and his son, Ken Griffey Jr., in 1990. He won’t mind if Bronny plays against his team on the court. However, the ideal thing to do would be to play for the same team and be part of the same lineup as the Griffeys. Albeit, James says that it would depend on what Bronny wants to do in his basketball career. However, he believes that his son may not have the same aspiration as him. James spoke to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, saying, “But it’s my dream to do the whole Griffeys thing. That’s the plan.” However, if Bronny follows a different path, LeBron won’t mind.

Bronny Attends The Games To Cheer For His Dad And The Lakers

LeBron James
LeBron James Family Source: PEOPLE

Looks like Bronny James looks pretty serious about his career and sure loves basketball. He recently attended the games and cheers for his dad and the Lakers. Bronny and the whole James family were there when LeBron broke the scoring record. Apparently, he came to cheer for the Lakers in Game 3 against the Warriors at the Crypto.com arena.

Most likely, Bronny would be there in Game 4 as well. The Lakers are on the verge of eliminating the defending champions. The Warriors will be out if they lose two more games. But the Lakers will be through to the Western Conference final.