LeBron James
LeBron James

In the opening encounter of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers lost 123-109 against the defending champions Warriors. Even though the boys played at the championship level, they failed to match the defending champions. Amid the loss, the Lakers captain, LeBron James among the first people to take a jab at the Lakers front office after the defeat against Golden State. 

LeBron James Takes A Dig At Lakers Front Office!

LeBron used his postgame platform to complain about his team\’s lack of three-point shooters just minutes after the Lakers\’ uninspiring 123-109 season-opening defeat to the Golden State Warriors. James spoke with the press after the game. He was questioned about his team\’s difficulties throughout the exchange. James responded that he had no idea what was going on and that the team looked solid.


James continued that the Lakers are not a team built on tremendous shooting. And that is the simple, unvarnished truth. There aren\’t many lasers on the team since they are seated. However, that doesn\’t stop them from trying to get fantastic images anyway. They want to take advantage of every chance they are given during a game. According to LeBron James, the Lakers don\’t have many players with a career 3-point shooting percentage of at least 40%.

The roster\’s biggest uncertainty was the Lakers\’ poor shooting. However, the Lakers\’ front staff, helmed by recently-extended Rob Pelinka, is constrained by salary restriction and trade limitations. The Lakers were among the lowest ten in terms of three-point accuracy in 2021–2022. Apparently, they did not add any skilled snipers over the summer, nor did they keep any of their three best shooters.

The space that Mike Budenholzer\’s four-out, one-in scheme, which Darvin Ham adopted, and the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks both benefited from, is crucial. Ham has mentioned Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook as possible high-volume shooters.

Fans Call James \”The Biggest Statpadder\”!


Unfortunately, Hollywood lost their first game against Golden State Warriors despite LeBron James scoring 35 points in the game. There is no doubt that James\’ performance was dominant. However, NBA fans are not happy with the star. They have been criticizing the star, saying that he is the biggest stat padder in the sport. 

LeBron James had a less-than-ideal night, and the fourth quarter was where he scored the majority of his points. However, what was overlooked was that the Los Angeles Lakers had a chance to make a turnaround in the fourth quarter. However, they ultimately fell short. It is unquestionably crucial for players to prioritize team success over obtaining individual stats and acting selfishly. As we witnessed today, talent does not always guarantee victory. The Los Angeles Lakers should become savvier in the future.

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