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Some big changes were in place after the miserable exit of the Los Angeles Lakers from the 2021 NBA championship, and they did happen. The team hired a new coach and acquired Patrick Beverly to strengthen their shooting along with some other players. Meanwhile, there have also been rumors of the Lakers trying to trade Russell Westbrook. However, after a disappointing start to the 2022 season as well, some rumors have started about a potential trade involving star player Anthony Davis. 

Lakers Insiders Hinting At Anthony Davis Trade!

The Lakers\’ hope of a strong turnaround has been badly tarnished as the team lost all five of the opening encounters. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis, perhaps the second most important player in the Lakers\’ lineup, has constantly been dealing with injury concerns. This has been one of the reasons for the team\’s poor start in the 2022 NBA season. Davis has received a lot of slack from fans and experts for his fragility, due to which he has not been able to carry his side to win. 


One of the league\’s most gifted big guys is Davis. The 29-year-old forward has been under a lot of pressure this season since the Lakers view him as an agile forward with exceptional two-way abilities. Anthony Davis\’ physical condition is the key cause for concern. Davis has been virtually absent from the court for most of the season owing to injuries that have prevented him from playing for a sizable portion of it. Davis has drawn criticism for his efforts this year. 

His injury history has been ignored because of AD\’s talent rather than because of it. However, it is becoming clear that AD\’s talent is insufficient for the Lakers. As a result, fans of the side have been heavily criticizing the big man. But this criticism is not limited to fans only. Recently, LA Times\’ Bill Plaschke has also raised questions about Davis\’ place on the Lakers\’ side. In fact, Bill suggested that the franchise should consider trading Anthony Davis.


The Lakers have the option of sending Kristaps Porzingis and Monte Morris to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Anthony Davis. The CBA\’s rules apply to that trade. One of the NBA\’s most skilled players is still Davis. However, he is unable to stay healthy, and his 3-point shooting has declined. In light of this, the Lakers may improve their offensive flexibility if they sent Davis to the Wizards. Morris and Porzingis are both capable of making accurate deep shots, which makes them perfect targets for the Lakers.

Plaschke launched into an angry tirade that seemed to sum up the Lakers\’ problems as a whole. The journalist made some reasonable criticisms of the LA Lakers, calling for deals and a rebuild moving ahead. On the other hand, Anthony Davis started off strongly against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night, almost poetically. Davis may have already sent in his reaction to Plaschke\’s remarks, which will be crucial in ensuring the Lakers\’ victory this season.

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