Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers
Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers Source: The Rookie Wire – USA Today

LeBron James is the most complete player ever in the NBA. He leads the league in all-time scoring and is in fourth place on the list of all-time assists. Moreover, he is a four-time MVP and has been a four-time MVP in the finals. Adding to that, King James is a 19-time All-Star. Hence, there are very few records that remain for LeBron James to break. But the term GOAT started with Michael Jordan, and it stuck with him for a long time in the league. Then came Kobe Bryant and, a few more years later, LeBron James.

Both stars have been big Jordan fans and saw the Bulls legend as their inspiration growing up. But the impact of Kobe Bryant and King James on the modern generation has been huge. Moreover, the late great Kobe and the 19-time All-Star had a great rivalry on the court. They had their own fan base in respect of the rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Among these fans, the modern-day sensation Austin Reaves was a big Kobe Bryant and Lakers fan when he was growing up. However, he has been playing with King James for a couple of years for the Lakers.


AR Feels LeBron James Is The Greatest Ever Despite Being A Kobe Bryant Fan

LeBron James Kobe Bryant Redeem Team
LeBron James Kobe Bryant Redeem Team Source: Fox Sports

With King James, the Hillbilly Kobe has formed a great rapport over the years. Recently in an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio, Austin Reaves mentioned that LeBron James is the most complete player. Moreover, Reaves said that James is good at all facets of basketball. Also, the Hillbilly Kobe has never seen anybody be that good at everything. Hence, the Oklahoma Sooners kid says his teammate is the greatest ever.

Reaves also mentioned how LeBron James makes his life so much easier on and off the court. Now the Lakers Nation will hope to see the master and the student combination win titles for the franchise. King James helped the Lakers win their 17th title back in 2020 during the pandemic. But Austin Reaves is a talent who the Lakers will hope to see around for a long time, especially in the post-LeBron James era. King James will be 39 after the next season ends, in fact, when the next year starts. 

Who’s The GOAT?

LeBron James Michael Jordan
LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: Sporting News

All these statistics culminate in considering James in the GOAT debate along with Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Albeit, the Black Jesus is a five-time MVP and won the league title six times. On the other hand, LeBron James won the championship four times. But the number of championships does not determine who’s the GOAT. Does it?

In that case, Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell is the GOAT with 11 titles. Moreover, the great Bill Russell changed the game of basketball in terms of defensive techniques. On top of that, the rivalry between the Celtics legend Bill Russell and the Los Angeles Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain increased the popularity of the game. Hence, the GOAT debate is never going to have a perfect answer.