Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: PlanetF1

Team Red Bull has been unstoppable this Formula One season. The team has won every Grand Prix until the summer break, while their star driver and current double-time champion won ten races so far. Other than Max Verstappen, his teammate Sergio Perez won a couple of Grand Prix. However, it has been really tough for other teams and drivers. Moreover, it is clear that Red Bull has the fastest car on the grid, and the drivers are not afraid to push it to its limit.

After the Milton Keynes team won as many as 17 races last season, fans thought about what they could do in 2023. The Austrian team showed they can dominate on another level this season. Red Bull has won 12 already, and more than ten to go after the summer break ends. Can Red Bull dominate in the same fashion in the second half of the season?


Will The Summer Break Cause Red Bull’s Loss Of Momentum?

Red Bull's RB19 & Mercedes' W14
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On the F1 Nation Podcast, Tom Clarkson mentioned the summer break will cause a loss of momentum. Hence, Clarkson feels the timing of the summer break could not have been more wrong for Red Bull. Moreover, Clarkson added that nobody wants to stop when they are on a roll. Sky Sports F1 reporter Natalie Pinkham also agreed with Tom Clarkson on the point that this break can let them lose momentum. When Clarkson asked if she believes in momentum, Pinkham replied, “100% I do.” Adding to that, Natalie mentioned perhaps Max Verstappen does not believe in momentum.

However, the other Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, proves it is hard to get out of bad form after a good start. On the other hand, Mercedes is looking to get back to winning ways. They won just a single Grand Prix last year. But this year, they have been winless. The former champions are desperate to end the deadlock. Moreover, Natalie Pinkham noted that George Russell mentioned earlier that Mercedes is looking to find their groove. That’s what momentum is, as per Pinkham.

Who Can Beat Max Verstappen Or Red Bull?

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The SportsRush

However, if any team can break the momentum of Red Bull’s hegemony, then who’ll that be? Natalie Pinkham feels it can be either Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, or McLaren. These teams have looked the best other than Red Bull at the top. However, Natalie Pinkham feels whoever gets it right on the given day will be able to beat Red Bull star Max Verstappen. The Dutchman is on his way to equaling Alberto Ascari and Sebastian Vettel’s record. With eight consecutive wins, Max Verstappen can equal Vettel’s record at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Some team is struggling with their car, and some drivers are struggling with their current form. In fact, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is unable to find consistency. That’s the reason why he has fallen so far behind his teammate. Albeit, Checo is still in second place in the driver’s championship. But he has lost his chance to win the title this year. Sergio Perez had a good start winning a couple along with his teammate. But since the Miami Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has won eight races in a row.