Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

No one can deny that Los Angeles Lakers power forward Anthony Davis has played his heart out for his team in the season. However, unfortunately, he endured a serious injury at a crucial point in the NBA season. Davis hurt his foot last week in a match against the Denver Nuggets. As of now, he has been ruled out of the season for about a month. But the team has received some more worrying news about the player.

More Troubling News About Anthony Davis!


LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers will undoubtedly notice Davis\’ absence since he currently leads the team in scoring and rebounding statistics. The squad is attempting to maintain their postseason positioning in the NBA. 8 times an All-Star. When it comes to injuries, Davis has a bad track record. Last year, he missed 42 of the Lakers\’ 82 games. Following a foot injury suffered in Friday\’s victory against the Denver Nuggets, he will miss yet another extended amount of time.


More troubling information regarding Anthony Davis has emerged in the interim. Anthony Davis may be out for several weeks, at the very least, after suffering a serious foot injury. Davis won\’t be returning to the floor anytime soon, according to NBA insider Brian Windhorst of ESPN. He recently stated this on the podcast The Hoop Collective. Brain said on the podcast that the damage is one that can be treated and recovered from. It is not an ankle sprain. He claims there\’s something more worrying going on than that.

Windhorst\’s words align with what Shams Charania of The Athletic reported. As he heals from his most recent injury, he claimed Davis would be out of play for at least one month. The Lakers have not made any public statements regarding Davis\’ potential absence and how long it may last. Yet his absence will undoubtedly be a major setback for a team that is fighting tooth and nail to remain in the postseason race. Right now, with a record of 13-17, the West\’s final playoff slot is two games away, in 12th place.


The nature of the Lakers\’ roster makes Davis\’s injury a special headache. He is not only a crucial player. But the squad is focused on winning right away, and players like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are leading an elite roster that is woefully thin on depth. James, a four-time MVP, will give the Lakers a chance to win any series if they manage to make the playoffs. The fact that they will finish among the top 12 in the Western Conference after 82 games are far from a guarantee, though.

If he were to come back after three months, on December 16th, AD would miss 41 straight games. However, if it just lasts for two months, he would still miss 30 games and won\’t be able to play again until the All-Star game.

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