Anthony Davis Injury
Anthony Davis Injury

The 2022 NBA season has really been much like a tough test for the Los Angeles Lakers. After going through a horrible start to the season, the team had to deal with LeBron James\’ groin injury, which caused him to miss five games in a row. Meanwhile, one player who guided the Lakers\’ boat through stormy water in James\’ absence was Anthony Davis. AD has been in absolute beast mode in the last twelve games that he played. Many considered him to be one of the leading contenders for this year\’s MVP. 

But unfortunately, on Thursday, in the game against Nuggets, Davis endured a serious foot injury. After leaving the game midway, medical reports revealed that the Brow would be out of the action for at least a month. The absence of their star players puts Los Angeles in a particularly vulnerable position. Thus, the team may have to resort to some desperate measures now. 


Anthony Davis\’ Injury Might Force The Lakers To A Trade!

Anthony Davis, a top player for the Los Angeles Lakers, is reportedly facing an extended absence from the field due to a foot ailment. The Lakers and LeBron James would feel Davis\’ absence keenly since he has been on fire lately. It appeared that Davis was once again performing at the same level at which he did in 2020. In the year, he assisted the Lakers in winning the NBA Championship. Davis had been in outstanding form recently. However, the group will now function without him.

Anthony Davis

Davis\’ foot injury has kept him out of action for at least a month, dealing a devastating blow to the Lakers\’ comeback. At the same time, the squad is preparing for a lengthy absence. In his 20th NBA season, James will again be under pressure to score all of the Lakers\’ points, increasing the burden on him.

According to the rumors, the Lakers were expected to make a deal in the upcoming weeks since Russell Westbrook\’s future with the team was in doubt. To provide some backup for James and Davis, Rob Pelinka, the Laker\’s VP, is expected to offload several players. This includes names like DeMar DeRozan and Buddy Hield being connected. The Lakers will suddenly be without a crucial member of their squad for an extended time may. It may encourage them to move through with a trade proposal for at least one of their targets.

Kyrie Irving

The Lakers reportedly have a list of players they kept an eye on, according to a recent article in The Athletic. Among them was the Brooklyn Nets combination of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, who asked to be traded away from the Barclays Center last year. While Durant wouldn\’t become available until a major turn of events occurred in Brooklyn. Irving will become a free agent at the conclusion of the season. He seems like a viable option for the Lakers. In either case, the team could have to act swiftly to complete a deal.

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