Nobody is supposed to bet on the Los Angeles Lakers for the title contention this year with how things stand. They have the most prominent names on their team, like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But it seems like nobody is willing to give up entirely on the squad with even the slightest possibilities not yet gone. After all, they are the Lakers—a team with an incredible legacy in the history of the NBA. 

Like many, the President of the Miami Heat, Mr. Pat Riley, feels that the Lakers still have a shot at the title. Undoubtedly this faith in the team is due to the history between King James and Pat Riley. LeBron James won two NBA championships with Miami Heat after Riley acquired him from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The former coach of the Miami Heat is well aware of what King can do. The impact of LeBron James in every game for the Lakers to win proves the theory of Mr. Pat Riley a distant possibility, if not true.


In a recent interview, Riley mentioned, “I don’t think the biggest motivation of James is breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s top scoring record but winning another championship. The dream of winning another title is what drives a great player like LeBron.” While speaking to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, he added, “If James continues to play at this level. And Anthony Davis comes back fit and fine, together they can wreak havoc in the standings of the Western Conference.”  

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook
James and Team Lakers

Lakers Are Heavily Dependent On LeBron James And The Possibility Of Davis’s Comeback

Until LeBron James is there at his peak, performing every game better than anyone else. And a possibility of Anthony Davis making a comeback after injury ruled him out of the game for a long time. The way this year started for the Lakers, especially after the 38th birthday of King James, displayed some signs of good hope. It seemed like they were turning the tides on its head. But in the middle of January 2023, the Lakers seemed to lose their way again as they lost back-to-back matches.

However, in the last game against the Portland Trailblazers, the fans had gotten their money’s worth. The game was full of entertainment. As there was a rift between a Lakers and a Trailblazers player. And an incredible comeback, one of the biggest in the history of the team. King James scored another 30+ points to help his team win and is showing no sign of weakness. He is only getting better with every match. The feud between Beverley and Lillard inspired both teams to give their best. But ultimately, it was the Lakers who had the last laugh. 

LeBron James
LeBron James

On Tuesday, though, the Lakers needed to hold on to their winning form against the Clippers, but they lost again (115-133). They, unfortunately, lost the Los Angeles derby. Now only time will tell if the squad can hold on to their chances of qualifying for the playoffs in the next few weeks. It is because, as things stand, the Lakers are 22-26.               

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