Austin Reaves Shoe Deal
Austin Reaves Rigorer Shoe Deal

Austin Reaves, undoubtedly, has been the breakout star of the Los Angeles Lakers this season. The 2022-23 season was only his second NBA season. Nevertheless, the Oklahoma Sooners kid made his place in the starting lineup in the midseason and has impressed everybody with his high basketball IQ. It did not take that long for him to become an integral part of the Lakers. Hence, the front office is eager to find a way to match any contract that he wishes for.

Clearly, AR has raised his stakes with consistent performances throughout the season. That is why the Los Angeles Lakers are looking at a long-term deal with him. He is a future asset for the team. The Lakers can even build a team around him if LeBron James and Anthony Davis leaves the franchise or just ends their career. But they are set to face fierce competition from the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, and San Antonio Spurs, who are also in the race to acquire AR with bigger cap space. Hence, it is clear that his market price is just booming. Amid this, Austin Reaves has signed a gigantic shoe deal with a Chinese company called Rigorer. 


Emerging Lakers Superstar Signs A Pretty Lucrative Sneakers Deal

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Lakers Nation

Reportedly, the Chinese brand Rigorer gave Austin Reaves his signature shoe named ‘AR1’. These shoes are available on the brand’s website for $90.99. Apparently, as per the reports, this shoe deal is worth over seven figures annually. Austin Reaves also spoke about the shoe deal with Shams Charania of The Athletic regarding the same. As he mentioned, “I’m blessed to have a signature shoe. I would not believe it at 18. Moreover, I am lucky to play basketball for a living.

It is evident that Austin Reaves has come a long way from not getting drafted in 2021 to have a signature shoe deal in 2023. He is among the very few NBA players, 20 approximately, to have his own signature shoe deal. Although AR was supposed to make the debut with his signature shoes next season. Until this season, he used to wear Nike Shoes, specifically from the signature line of Kyrie Irving. Hence, the brand Rigorer is pretty lenient. Comparatively, other brands are not so lenient regarding their signed athletes wearing apparel of other brands off the court.

Austin Reaves Heading To A Pretty Profitable Offseason  

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Elsewhere, Austin Reaves is heading to a very crucial offseason in his career. However, at various moments, he made it pretty clear that he “wants to play for the Lakers all his life (career).” But definitely, there will be teams offering him better deals than the Lakers due to their cap space. The Lakers squad already has LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who covers a major portion of their cap space.

But Reaves proved himself to be a really good support to the King and AD this season. There were even times when he single-handedly led the squad to win a few games. He was the most consistent player in the playoffs for the Lakers. AR averaged 16.9 points and 4.4 rebounds, along with 4.6 assists. Hence any team will be lucky to have this emerging star of the LA franchise.