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Austin Reaves & Anthony Davis (Lakers) With Steph Curry (Warriors) Source: Fansided

Los Angeles Lakers have been spectacular since the teams headed toward NBA free agency. It was a tricky situation as most of the fan favorites of the team were free agents for a while. Many fans were afraid since the Lakers did not have a significant cap space due to LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the roster. Moreover, players like D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura were also free agents. However, it was clear that no matter what, the Lakers were not going to let their significant players go.

Both Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura were restricted free agents. Hence, it seemed like the Lakers would match any deal that other teams offered them. Eventually, the front office did extend the contracts for both of the young guns, making the fans really happy. Hachimura signed with the Lakers for a 3-year contract worth $51 million. Moreover, Austin Reaves will stay with the Lakers for another four years, signing an agreement worth $56 million. However, ESPN Analysts don’t see any big deal with the performance of Rob Pelinka and the company.


ESPN Analysts Slam The Lakers For An Insignificant Offseason So Far

Rob Pelinka Jeanie Buss Lakers
Lakers Rob Pelinka Jeanie Buss Source: Los Angeles Times

The Lakers fans are rejoicing at present with the performance of the front office in the offseason so far. However, there are a few who does not think that their off-season performance so far is a big deal. Among them, there is ESPN Analyst Tim Bontemps, who reviewed the Lakers roster on Get Up. He feels there is no significant improvement to the roster. According to Bontemps, “The Front office did not add any talent who would make any material difference to take them closer to the NBA championship.”

While many are believing that the Lakers had the best offseason, Analyst Bontemps thinks they are over-hyping the franchise. Similar to this, another ESPN Analyst/Writer feels Tim Bontemps is right in his assessment of the Laker’s roster. The Lakers have made no meaningful impact on the roster yet. Moreover, the LA side is among the most popular franchises in American sports. They may win or lose, but the fans will remain eager to know about their roster and whatnot. However, they are currently looking for a big man who can play alongside Anthony Davis at the center.   

D’Angelo Russell Was A Real Surprise Re-Signing

Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

But the biggest surprise was re-signing of D’Angelo Russell. D’Lo was an unrestricted free agent. Moreover, unlike Hachimura and Reaves, D’Lo Russell did not live up to the expectations of the franchise and its fans in the playoffs. He disappointed the fans, especially in the Western Conference Finals. The Lakers lost 0-4 to the eventual winners Denver Nuggets.

However, Rob Pelinka made sure that the original Lakers man did not leave the team so soon for the second time. The LA side re-signed D’Angelo Russell for another two-year contract worth $37 million. Hence, the trio of emerging superstars – Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, and Rui Hachimura will stay with the LA side. Moreover, after the Day 1 of the free agency, the Lakers acquired Cam Reddish, Gabe Vincent, and Taurean Prince for pretty good deals.