Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The current season of the NBA is going on in full swing. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers, who had a poor start to the season, recently started to pick up some momentum. Out of the past five games, LA Lakers have won four of them. However, there are still some holes in the squad, which they may want to fill. Meanwhile, an NBA reports Greg Swartz has suggested a trade deal between Orlando Magic and Lakers.

Proposed Trade Deal Between Lakers And Orlando Magic!

Due to their current season-long success, the Lakers are under considerably more focus as the trade season draws near. There have been increasing requests for the Los Angeles front staff to make additions that would complement the superstar tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


If the Los Angeles Lakers want to upgrade their current squad, they must go outside of the league. Their only alternative is to make a deal if they genuinely want to compete for an NBA title this season. Meanwhile, Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report has put out a deal that might be beneficial for Los Angeles. He listed three former members of the Orlando Magic who he said could all help the Lakers\’ front-court output. Gregg\’s proposed deal would send Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles and a draft selection to the Orlando Magic in return for Terrence Ross, Gary Harris, and Jonathan Isaac.

According to the analyst\’s plan, the 34-year-old would return to the East. Additionally, it provides Magic a chance to acquire a future unprotected first-round pick in a deal in which some of their older players don the Purple and Gold. This deal also allows the Lakers to maintain their 2029 first-round selection. This will include contracts for Harris and Isaac that are partially or entirely non-guaranteed if the team favors cap room above talent. Ideally, the transaction makes sense, especially when seen as the Lakers could get to keep at least one of theirs. They have been adamant about not trading.

Lakers Russell Westbrook

If Isaac overcomes his present injury issues and maintains his health, he might be an important piece of the Lakers\’ future foundation alongside Anthony Davis. However, in the near term, Harris, and Ross would both bring much-needed floor spacing and supplementary playmaking to a team that is much too prone to offensive stagnation.

Westbrook was the subject of recent rumors that he might go to Miami. Bleacher Report\’s Eric Pinus suggested it as a possible destination. He has been scoring 15.8 points, pulling down 5.2 rebounds, and dishing out 7.5 assists a game. It is unclear whether the Lakers will even contemplate trading him to Orlando, despite the fact that the proposal makes some logic.

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