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Klay Thompson Asks The Warriors To Keep The Fire Burning After Game 2 Win Against Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled one over the Golden State side when they delivered them a loss in the chase center. It has been remarkable for the Lakers how they have been performing in the series’ first games. A win on the road is always a flex, especially at a hard venue such as the Warrior’s home. But they must win their home games in the upcoming weeks to keep the advantage. The Warriors, on the other hand, would look to disrupt the peace of home fans in the Crypto Arena.

There is nothing better than setting the tone in the game of the series to let everyone know about your position. But it also sets the standards high, and the Lakers have failed to achieve their standards on various occasions. However, Darvin Ham‘s side must realize that they are out of the regular season, and a mistake here could end their journey to the championship. Therefore every step taken from now on is an important one for the purple and golds. Meanwhile, rival Klay Thompson has made it clear that they will pull one in the Crypto Arena in games 3 and 4.


Can Warriors Stir Up The Lakers In Future Games?

Klay Thompson. Credit - PHOTO: AP

Losing an away game is always a bad idea for any team, especially when the clash is so leveled. The four-time champions definitely have what it requires to climb up to the top from here. However, LA has also done a great job winning the first game, giving them an upper hand going into the next game. And Warriors’ Klay Thompson realizes this and desperately wants to win at least one game in the Crypto Arena. He is a crucial part of the team, and his 30 points in 31 minutes became the difference between the two teams in the last game.

We know LeBron’s seen it all, AD’s seen it all. It’s 1-1 at the end of the day, so we gotta go to LA, get one, and go from there,” asserted Klay in the post-game interview. His intentions are clear, and he is eyeing for a back-to-back win in the series. The Warriors are desperate because they are aware that going 3-1 down will create problems for them in the series. The circumstances can also lead to their elimination even before the series completes.

Moreover, the Warriors have not been doing well away from home this year. An 11-30 away record suggests their struggles on the road during this season. They managed road wins against the Kings, but they are a much more inexperienced team than the Lakers.

Darvin Ham Believes In His Team Lakers!

The head coach Darvin Ham has always shown trust in his players throughout the whole season. And this time, also he knows that his team will fight back in the two home games. The team will need only a few quick fixes, and then they will be ready.

Now, the Lakers will have to find a way to shut the 3-pointer line because Golden State players are too good at shooting. Anthony Davis‘ involvement will remain crucial if they want to put a strong foot in the next game. And last but not least, their pick-and-roll game needs to get better this time. Following the changes, the team should easily dictate the game’s pace at the Crypto Arena.