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After more than a month since the New York Yankees wrapped up their lost 2023 season, the front office faced the media. However, it turned out exactly the opposite of what the supporters expected. Hal Steinbrenner led the proceeding by addressing the media via virtual conference. He did label the season “unacceptable” and promised significant off-season changes.

Then, general manager Brian Cashman showed up, and his media address caused a major uproar. Cashman spoke to the reporters for nearly an hour at the general managers’ meeting venue in Arizona and seemed in a bad mood. He went on an unruly rant about unjust criticism and fired shots at media personnel for asking pressing questions. Naturally, it didn’t sit well with a Yankees podcaster who called the GM out for inconsistency in statements.


Jomboy Slams Brian Cashman For Unreasonable Explanation Of The Yankees Lost 2023 Season!

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Brian Cashman’s much-awaited public address took the internet by storm. The GM had his guard up and was in no mood to listen to any sort of criticism whatsoever. Neither was he willing to take any accountability for the New York Yankees’ questionable 2023 MLB season campaign. Instead, he rubbed salt on the fans’ wounds by defending the team and its strategies. He dropped an F-bomb in his opening statement, followed by calling out names of people who criticized the franchise’s analytical system. The entire time, Cashman tried to defend every aspect, which enraged Yankee podcaster James O’Brien, also known as Jomboy.

In a video posted on X, Jomboy slammed Brian Cashman for passing contradictory statements. He referred to the GM’s opinion on Oswald Peraza’s place in the team. Apparently, Brian said that run production was the Yankees’ biggest problem of the 2023 season. To this, a reporter countered, saying that Peraza was hitting consistently in minors, so why didn’t he get a chance? To this, Cashman contradicted, saying even if Peraza was producing runs, they had no room for him due to the presence of veteran Josh Donaldson, who clearly struggled throughout the year. The statement made no sense to Jomboy as he frustratingly ridiculed Cashman. “You’re contradicting yourself because you’re defending everything,” said Jomboy.

Podcasters Calls Brian Cashman’s “F***ing Good” Statement A “Joke”

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Brian Cashman landed in hot waters with the very first opening line of his media address on Tuesday. He said the Yankees were “pretty f***ing good” in 2023. Meanwhile, Yankee podcasters Jomboy and Jake reacted to the same, and the latter referred to the statement as a joke. Jake added that his social team didn’t even believe it came out of the GM’s mount in the first place. After having the worst season in the past 30 years, one cannot pass comments like this.

Jomboy agreed with his colleague’s sentiment and said that he feared the Yankees would get defensive and argumentative after the lost season. The podcasters weren’t happy with the tone of Cashman wherein he called the critics “dumb.” Jomboy added that while the GM says they were good baseball people, the team is, in fact, being audited right now owing to an unacceptable season. Thus, the whole press meet made zero sense and will only add to the fans’ resentment.