Josh Donaldson
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New York Yankees’ baseman Josh Donaldson is determined to make a solid comeback in the upcoming MLB season despite facing intense criticism from the Yankees crowd.

Josh Donaldson had one of the worst seasons of his 13-year-long MLB career. In 132 game appearances, he slashed .222, along with 15 home runs and 62 RBIs with a 75.5% of pitch connection, his all-time career low. The former MVP lacked confidence and ultimately lost his game sense. However, with the new season approaching, the fans would hope for a turnaround.


The baseman turned 37 last year while being traded from Minnesota Twins to New York Yankees. Moreover, fans and critics objected to the trade as the baseman had entered the final stretch of his career and would not be that useful in the longer run. The fans’ wishes came true as Josh Donaldson patently struggled. Regardless, the baseman is gearing up to shed off the dirt and make a solid difference this year.

Josh Donaldson Showing Promising Glimpses Of A Comeback

Meanwhile, Josh Donaldson, the third baseman of the New York Yankees, has put the past behind him while entering this season’s spring training. The baseman struggled for the most part of it until Tuesday’s spring training outing. Josh hit two consecutive home runs off a sinker and a fastball, respectively. The batter’s tweaked stance reportedly helped him with a better connection.

Speaking on his preparations for this season, Josh Donaldson said he made a shift in his mindset this year. Elaborating on his conversation with Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, Josh admitted to working on his mechanics and bringing in all the necessary changes and alterations. Furthermore, the baseman also emphasized his lack of decision-making skills on the plate. Josh believes he has improved on it, and it has looked better in this spring training. Lastly, Josh signed off by saying that he feels confident about this season and vows to help the team win and contribute in every way possible.

Donaldson Not Bothered By Constant Booing From The Crowd

Josh Donaldson
New York Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson warms up before batting practice before the Yankees’ game Wednesday against the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore.Mark Goldman / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

New York Yankees fan base often beats the thin line when it comes to criticism. They get brutal when the team or a specific player underperforms and makes sure to let those emotions out in the open. Last season, Josh Donaldson faced immense public scrutiny from Yankees fans when they booed him relentlessly. However, Donaldson seems unfazed by the criticism and scrutiny.

In the same interview with the Athletic, Josh Donaldson opened up on the booing and said it’s not something in his control, and he tends to turn a blind eye to it. The baseman cleared that he is here to help the win, and his sole focus should be on the ways to help that cause. Further, as far as the heckling is concerned, Josh does not want to entangle himself in the vicious practice and fall prey to it.

“I’m not in control of other people and what they do,” says Josh Donaldson on the booing incident.