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James Simon Wallis Hunt, popularly known as James Hunt, is a well-known and respected name in the professional racing arena. The British driver, who raced for teams like McLaren and Hesketh, was the F1 world champion in 1976. His career ended quite a while ago. However, the F1 racer is still famous among the audience of his time. So, if you want to know more about James Hunt\’s net worth, personal life, and career, keep reading.

Early Life!

James Hunt was born to Stockbrokers Wallis Hunt and Sue Hunt on August 29, 1947, in Belmont, Surrey. He was the second kid in a household with an older sister and four younger siblings. From 1955 to 1965, he attended the Westerleigh School in Hastings. Later, he pursued his education at Crowthorne, Berkshire\’s \”Wellington College.\” He was a superb athlete who excelled in the sports of tennis and squash as a young lad because he was a steadfast person by nature. Before turning 18, he attended an auto race, which inspired him to pursue a career as a professional racer.


However, James\’ parents did not approve of his ideas due to his erratic nature. He worked odd jobs to pay for a secondhand Mini, which he spent two years prepping for racing. Regardless, his submission was disallowed since the vehicle\’s driver was sitting in a broken-down lawn chair. He eventually took a job as a trainee manager for a telephone firm to raise the money he needed to train for races. He experienced several accidents early in his racing career, which made him fearful. Later, he would vomit in the garage, despite having gradually learned to conquer his faces to win races.


James Hunt started his racing career in 1968 with Formula Ford and drove a \’Russell-Alexis Mk 14\’ in his first race. He competed in \”Formula Three\” racing in 1969, taking home multiple victories and building a name for himself. In 1973, he joined the Hesketh team. At first, the team tried using him in \”Formula Two\”. But it wasn\’t very successful. Later, he was requested to compete in Formula One. He took second place in the 1973 \”United States Grand Prix\” while operating the \”Hesketh March 731.\” He achieved victory at Silverstone\’s non-championship \’BRDC International Trophy event in 1974. He triumphed in Zandvoort in 1975, winning the \”Dutch Grand Prix.\”


Meanwhile, 1976 was the most remarkable season of his career. He drove the \’McLaren M23\’ and bagged six \’F1 Grand Prix\’ that year. With \”McLaren M26\” underwhelming, the 1977 season got off to a poor start. With \”McLaren M26\” underwhelming, the 1977 season got off to a poor start. He attempted to capture a second world title in 1978, but the slow-responding \”McLaren M26\” prevented him from earning more than eight points. He had already decided to leave the \”McLaren\” squad by 1979.

Hunt was then offered a contract by \”Ferrari,\” but he chose to join the \”Walter Wolf Racing\” squad. He desired to compete for the world title and win more races. But when he saw that the team\’s vehicle was inadequate, he lost interest in doing so. He declared his retirement from Formula One participation in 1979. He started doing television commentary for the BBC\’s \”Formula One\” coverage when he retired, and he did this for 13 years until he passed away.

James Hunt Net Worth!

James Hunt was an iconic professional race driver of his time. After taking retirement from his racing career, Hunt worked as a Tv analyst for BBC for over a decade. Given the success in both phases of his career, it is not hard to assume that the racer amassed a significant net worth over the years. According to several reports, Hunt was believed to own a whopping fortune of 40 million USD at the time of his death in June 1993. 


Throughout his Formula One career, Hunt was one of the most sought-after drivers. Teams would frequently go above and above to secure the British superstar. According to reports, Hunt made 15,000 pounds a month competing for Hesketh in 1974. He was given a significant USD 200,000 deal by McLaren the following year. After the death of James Hunt, his children Freddie Hunt and Tom Hunt inherited his vast fortune. 

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