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It has been over ten months since the 2021 Abu Dabi Grand Prix concluded. However, given the controversy surrounding race, it has been a constant topic of discussion in Formula One. Meanwhile, when the storm calmed down a little bit, the news of Red Bull breaching the budget cap broke out, giving people more reason to discuss the events of 2021 Formula One and contemplate hypothetical scenarios. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff feels that now is the time to move ahead from it. 

Toto Wolff Wants To Move Ahead From 2021 Controversy!

The budget cap violation has once again revived discussion about the Abu Dhabi finale from last year. It also rose the possibility that the FIA would deprive Verstappen of his first championship. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff thinks that the motorsport now needs to focus on the future. According to him, there were voices asking for it to stop so the season could begin when these things occurred. But it\’s still around because it was simply so divisive.

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Wolff feels that it is not good for the sport and its fans. He thinks everyone needs to move on from what happened in the last Formula One championship. The Silver Arrows chief stated, \”There is nothing we can do about it anymore, and this is what we have done because you can\’t eat yourself up every day.\”

Stefano Domenicali Has His Say On Red Bull Cost Cap Row!

Formula One chief Stefano Domenicali recently had a conversation with the Italian Press. During the conversation, among several things, Stefano also discussed the Red Bull budget cap controversy. Domenicali discussed the crisis surrounding the 2021 budget cap, which resulted from Red Bull\’s announcement that it had exceeded the £114 million maximum after a small hiatus. Domenicali is certain that the FIA is making every effort to determine the Austrians\’ penalty. The Italian also recognized that it is important to make sure that everything is running well.


The new aerodynamic rules that were implemented this season will continue to \”narrow the distance\” in the field, according to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. Despite Max Verstappen winning the 2022 World Championship far more easily than he did last year.

The goal behind the revised aerodynamic restrictions was to enable automobiles to travel closer together, something that has been demonstrated to be feasible. Because of the enormous size of automobiles in 2022, lap timings are much slower. They are also considerably heavier than their predecessors and less vulnerable to downforce.

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