Anthony Davis Lakers Vs Grizzlies
LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – MAR. 7, 2023. Los Angeles Lakers center Anthony Davis pulls down a rebound during the first half against the Memphis Grizzlies in an NBA game at Arena in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2023. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Anthony Davis has been the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers ever since LeBron James had to miss a month’s game schedule due to a tendon injury on his right foot. He led the team so well that, against all odds, they reached the Western Conference Finals. Nobody could imagine the way they started the season would eventually lead to conference finals.

The Lakers squad had no balance but multiple injury concerns throughout the roster. Hence, the front office had to come up with a plan to bring balance. And they did a great job of bringing in quality players to fill the gaps. But now, after the season is over for the Lakers, many experts and fans share the same idea of trading Anthony Davis in the off-season. According to them, there is no point in keeping him because he is a very high-maintenance player. However, Skip Bayless, the all-time critic of LeBron James & Los Angeles Lakers, has come to AD’s defense this time.


Skip Bayless Feels Anthony Davis Is Too Precious For Lakers

(Los Angeles Lakers) Anthony Davis Source: Lakers Nation
(Los Angeles Lakers) Anthony Davis Source: Lakers Nation

Most fans feel AD cannot play all 75 games a season and does not stay on the court for more than 42 minutes. Due to his weak physical health, there are chances that he might miss more games on the trot putting his team in jeopardy. However, it is hard to forget what he has done for the team. Anthony Davis, along with LeBron James, helped the Los Angeles Lakers win in the 2019-20 season (17th title for the Lakers). But due to the duo of Davis-James, the LA side doesn’t have much cap space. Therefore, Rob Pelinka can buy players who the front office wants for the following seasons if they trade either of the duo.

But the worst critic of LeBron James, Skip Bayless, on his show Undisputed with co-host Shannon Sharpe defended Anthony Davis. The Undisputed co-host feels that “There is nobody who can replace AD unless he is Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic.” Apparently, the Lakers will have to pay AD about $170 million if they extend his contract for the next four years. However, they won’t have any stars in their roster if they trade AD and James announces his retirement. Hence, they would lack players with leadership qualities if they traded the Brow.

AD Came In Rescue Of The Lakers When The Fans Lost All Hopes

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Lakers Daily

Fans lost hope when LeBron James had to miss several games for an injury. That’s when Anthony Davis stepped up and led the Lakers in their defense as well as offense. He was the spearhead of the offense but also the anchor of the defense. Without AD, it is quite unthinkable the Lakers would progress at all. Despite James being there in the playoffs, the fans were looking up to Davis.

He had his share of off days, but when he had a great day, the Los Angeles Lakers mostly won. However, AD could not continue the same form in the WCF against the top-seed Denver Nuggets. Moreover, the top seed of the Western Conference demolished the LA side in four games. Hence, the front office has gotten busy with off-season issues.