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“It’s Hard To Have Fun When You’re Getting Your Teeth Kicked In,” Anthony Rizzo Reacts To Yankees Miserable State

The New York Yankees, with their storied history and tradition of success, entered the season with high aspirations of making a deep postseason run. Yet, they find themselves in a position they have not experienced in decades. The team is currently fighting to avoid finishing at the bottom of the AL-East division. They certainly look like a lost cause.

The Yankees’ offensive misery was once again put on display on Tuesday against the Angels. Apart from Shohei Ohtani‘s brilliance, the team’s offensive lackluster played a huge role in the team’s 5-1 loss. With the second series loss in less than a week, the Yanks’ playoff chances have witnessed a huge dent. After the loss, the team’s slumping veteran, Anthony Rizzo, put up his candid reaction on a public platform.


Anthony Rizzo Terms Loss To Angels A “Low Point” For Yankees!

Anthony Rizzo
New York Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo argues with umpire Quinn Wolcott (81) in the first inning of a baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Sunday, April 23, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)AP

The New York Yankees’ 2023 season has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and the team’s struggles have been evident on the field. The offensive woes, combined with defense lapses and pitching limitations, have all collectively doomed the team’s championship run this season. Presently, the Bronx Bombers find themselves at the bottom of the East table, close to three games below the wild card spot. Moreover, the recent consecutive losses to Los Angeles Angels have further punched the team in the gut. Meanwhile, the club’s most slumping veteran, Anthony Rizzo, reacted after the loss and termed it a low point of the season.

Anthony Rizzo has gone 41 games without hitting a home run this season. He is facing one of the worst slumps of his illustrious career. Reacting to the series loss against the Angels, Rizzo claimed that the mood in the clubhouse was down. He added that it’s hard to have fun when you are being trashed like this individually as well as a team. The baseman claimed that the team expects a lot better from themselves. That being said, the Yankee group is close, and they are currently battling a low point. However, according to Rizzo, it’s part of the journey. They are not letting these losses get to their heads, and the focus is to make the second half a lot better than the first.

Can Aaron Judge’s Imminent Return Pull Out The Yanks From The Dead? Or Are They A Lost Cause?

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Speaking of Aaron Judge’s alleged return, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone said that with the resumption of baseball activities, the captain is definitely getting closer to a return. Having said that, the manager is still unsure if the process of return will take days or weeks from now. But is Judge’s return the only answer to Yank’s struggle? A baseball team consists of nine players, and until and unless a majority of the batters do not return back to form, a comeback is next to impossible.

The Yankees’ coaching staff, led by manager Aaron Boone, must continue to motivate and support the players as they navigate the ups and downs of the season. Implementing strategic adjustments and fostering a positive environment will be crucial in helping the team regain its competitive edge. Fans, known for their unwavering support of the team, have also expressed their frustrations with the Yankees’ struggles. However, they remain hopeful that the team can turn things around and make a push for the postseason.