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“It’s a Challenger,” Former F1 Driver Claims New Mercedes W15 Design Is Very Intense

Mercedes had been through really tough times in the last two years. After winning the 2021 constructor title, the Silver Arrows have been going through a downward slope. In 2022, they managed to win only one race in Brazil. However, the last season was even worse. For the first time since 2011, the German team finished without a single Grand Prix win in 2023. On the other hand, the team’s star driver, Lewis Hamilton, has been winless for over two years. The last win of the Mercedes star came in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021.

But the biggest shock for the Mercedes team came recently when the seven-time champion racer decided to part ways. Hamilton will leave the German team to join their rival, Ferrari, in 2025. Hence, the 2024 season is going to be an even more emotional season for the whole Mercedes team. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton would be determined enough to finish his Mercedes tenure with a bang. Can the great Briton take the Silver Arrows to the top again? But he will need a much better car to do that than he had in the last couple of years. Lately, Mercedes launched their new W15 car, and it looks promising.


Romain Grosjean Feels Mercedes Were Bold Enough With Their New Car Design

Mercedes W15
Mercedes W15 Source: RacingNews365

Recently, on his YouTube channel, the former F1 driver Romain Grosjean mentioned the Mercedes W15 is the most good-looking car this season. He is glad to see the Silver Arrows get back on track. Moreover, Grosjean mentioned that RB20 and W15 are two cars that he is most intrigued to see on the track. But why he loves the W15 car? To answer that, the 10-time podium finisher mentioned the new Mercedes car reminds him of the 2006 F1 cars that he used to be in love with. Moreover, Grosjean pointed out the bold moves James Allison and Toto Wolff’s team made for the upcoming season.

He pointed at the front wing and “The big scoop.” Grosjean said the German team showed faith in the rear downforce of this year’s car. That’s why the front wing has some “Very very loaded nature.” Moreover, the former F1 driver pointed at the new sidepods. The change of their sidepod philosophy and a few more external elements prove that Mercedes is bringing a “Unique Concept in 2024,” feels Grosjean. Finally, the new front wing and the sidepods are making the former F1 driver praise the German team ahead of the upcoming season.

How Different Are The Sidepods And Front Wing Of W15?

Mercedes W15
Mercedes W15 Source: RacingNews365

Romain Grosjean mentioned that the Brackley team went for very small entry to get as much flow as possible under their sidepods. But the former F1 driver went on to name those things that impressed him very particularly. Most importantly, the front wing and the sidepod entry excite him. Among other things that impressed Grosjean was the W15’s front wing design and different sizes of plate and flap.

The former F1 driver mentioned that Mercedes made some intense choices because every flow of air that hit the F1 car would hit the front wing before anything else. Hence, it is crucial that the air goes exactly where the team is planning to let it after it hits the front wing. After all, if it does not go as planned, they are not going anywhere. That’s a specialty of every F1 car. Hence, Grosjean is excited to see what these very intense choices of Mercedes do.

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