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EXPLAINED: Can Giancarlo Stanton Be The No. 7 Slugger For The New York Yankees This Year?

The New York Yankees have not been more sure of winning a World Series in recent times than they are in 2024. It is really weird to see how things changed drastically in the offseason. The NY side was in no position to contend for the title in 2024. Especially after the way they finished the 2023 season. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers failed to make the postseason in 2023. It happened for the first time since 2016 that the Bombers could not qualify for the playoffs. Moreover, they finished with the second-worst batting average last season in the league. Only the nine-time champion, the Oakland Athletics, had it worse than the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, the Yankees finished with a terrible 82-80 season.

They could barely manage to maintain the streak of winning seasons. However, it was clear from the start of the offseason that the Bombers needed to address certain concerns. Moreover, the outfield was lacking multiple superstar names. It was too much pressure for Aaron Judge. However, after adding Juan Soto for a year, the Yankees can breathe life into their outfield and offense. Moreover, the fans are eagerly waiting to see some fireworks from the batting duo of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. Anyhow, the team is still looking to figure out their perfect batting order. Moreover, it seems the Yankees can ask Giancarlo Stanton to bat at no. 7. 


Is It A Good Idea To Play Giancarlo Stanton At No.7?

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton is hitting .199 this season. He has just two hits during the Yankees’ seven-game losing streak.AP

Naturally, Giancarlo Stanton has been a fixture in the middle order of the Bomber’s hitting lineup. He had 951 career starts, hitting either at No. 3 or as cleanup. However, Stanton has been playing the role of the Designated Hitter of the Yankees for the last few seasons. Last year saw Stanton go through his least productive offensive MLB season. But even then, he never batted below the No.5 spot as a starter. However, it might change in 2024. Earlier, Aaron Boone gave a hint of the batting order he was thinking about.

It seems Boone might play DJ LeMahieu as the leadoff hitter. Then, Juan Soto might come in second, and Aaron Judge will follow the Dominican superstar in third. If the Yankees skipper continues with the right-left order when the lineup is deeper than the 2023 season, Anthony Rizzo can play the role of the cleanup. Moreover, Gleyber Torres can bat fifth, and Alex Verdugo might follow him in sixth. As a result, the No. 7 spot is open for Stanton. Then, Jose Trevino, Austin Wells, and Anthony Volpe would follow.

The Original DH Is Open To Try The “Outfield Option”

Brian Cashman Aaron Boone Yankees
Brian Cashman Aaron Boone Yankees Source:

Brian Cashman mentioned Giancarlo Stanton has worked hard in the offseason. He has got slimmer. Moreover, the general manager believes Stanton is still a “Feared hitter in the American League.” Cashman said, “With health comes good performance.” Moreover, the Yankees GM mentioned that Stanton wants to find a way to be the impactful player that the team believes he can be.

On top of that, Aaron Boone and Giancarlo Stanton agreed that the outfield is an option open for the latter. Albeit, he’s the regular DH of the NY side. Moreover, Aaron Judge can get a break from the center field to build his place as the DH. Additionally, the Yankees can earmark Juan Soto for his DH days as well.

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