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Divya Tiwari

“It Was The Fastest Car,” Toto Wolff Claims Mercedes W14 Was Quicker Than Lethal RB19 At Austin!

Reportedly, Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, has shared his thoughts on what happened at the United States Grand Prix in Austin. This exciting race saw the team make some big changes to their car. Wolff’s words give us a glimpse into how well Mercedes did in Austin and what they’re planning for next year’s racing season. So, let’s dive into the details and discover what’s been happening behind the scenes in the world of Formula 1.

Why does Toto believe Mercedes was the fastest car in Austin? 

Apparently, Toto Wolff repeated his belief that Mercedes had the “quickest” car at the Circuit of the Americas. Even though they didn’t win, the principal pointed out the significant progress made with their latest car upgrade. However, he was well aware that Red Bull had already started focusing on the RB20 for the next season. Red Bull’s strong performance throughout the F1 2023 season demonstrated their consistent excellence. They suffered only one loss to Ferrari in Singapore. Hence, the United States Grand Prix in Austin marked a significant turning point. Mercedes challenged Red Bull for the win, and Lewis Hamilton finished just a few seconds behind Max Verstappen.

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The Silver Arrows brought an improved part for their car to the Austin race, showing clear improvements in their car’s performance. Hamilton met this development with enthusiasm. He competed for both the sprint and US Grand Prix pole positions, securing second place in both events. Despite Hamilton’s subsequent disqualification due to post-race plank wear issues, Mercedes found encouragement in their Austin performance. Wolff acknowledged the continuous progress of Red Bull and the challenges posed by their rivals but expressed confidence in Mercedes’ development direction.

The Silver Arrows Need to Be at Their Best! 

While Red Bull had practically secured the F1 2023 titles in Japan and Qatar, Lewis Hamilton expressed renewed hope for a title challenge in F1 2024. Hamilton believes he is one of the few drivers on the grid capable of challenging Max Verstappen for the championship. He stressed the importance of having a competitive package, not just in terms of the car but also in other areas, such as pit stops. Hamilton’s quest for a second-place finish in the F1 2023 Drivers’ standings, however, became a more difficult task following his disqualification at the US Grand Prix. Wolff acknowledged the disappointment of the disqualification but emphasized the positive aspects of their car’s performance in Austin. Mercedes’ new part proved effective, as Hamilton secured impressive results in both the sprint and the race. 

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Wolff recognized that setup choices on a Sprint weekend can be challenging, especially at a bumpy circuit like COTA. He underlined the importance of learning from their mistakes and coming back stronger in the next race. In conclusion, Mercedes faced both success and disappointment in Austin. While they couldn’t secure victory, their improved performance and determination to challenge Red Bull have reignited their hopes for the future. As the 2023 season approaches its conclusion and the F1 2024 season looms, the battle between the Silver Arrows and Red Bull promises to be one of the most exciting storylines in the world of Formula 1.