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The Los Angeles Lakers began their highly anticipated new season with a matchup against their familiar rivals, the Denver Nuggets. This game held a special significance, as it was a chance for the Lakers to redeem themselves after a crushing playoff defeat at the hands of the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. However, the outcome left Lakers fans with a familiar feeling as they fell short against their rivals.

Anthony Davis’ Lack of Contribution To The Lakers Season Opener! 

In the first half of the game, Lakers’ star player, Anthony Davis, seemed to be in great form. He showcased his skills by scoring 17 points and setting the tone for the Lakers’ performance. Davis was aggressive and determined to make a difference, reminding fans of his tremendous potential. However, a frustrating pattern emerged once again as Davis went entirely without scoring in the second half of the game. In a disappointing turn of events, Davis missed all six of his attempts to score in the second half, marking his worst shooting performance in a half since joining the Lakers. The Lakers had hoped for a more consistent and dominant performance from Davis, especially in the crucial second half.

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For the Lakers to have a real chance at winning the NBA title this season, they cannot afford for Davis to have such a significant difference in performance between the first and second halves. The team relies on Davis to be a cornerstone of their success, and his inconsistency could pose a significant problem. This inconsistency in Davis’s performance has been a recurring issue over the years, where he tends to lose his aggressiveness as the game goes on. This was supposed to be the season where Davis would step up and take on more responsibility from co-star LeBron James, but as of now, it seems like more of the same. 

Davis Looking to Improve His Game 

After getting a big contract extension, there were high expectations for Anthony Davis. The Lakers’ success this season depends a lot on how well he plays. But after a second half where he didn’t score, Davis knows he needs to do better. During the preseason, there was a lot of talk about Davis getting even better. In the first half of the game against the Nuggets, he looked like he was about to take his game to the next level. But in the second half, he barely did anything. Davis explained that the Nuggets started defending him more aggressively, and that made it harder for him to score. 

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He also missed some easy shots, but he tried to pass the ball to his teammates when he was double-teamed. He acknowledged that he needed to take more shots. The Lakers’ coach, Darvin Ham, talked about ways to help Davis be more aggressive and involved in the game. The Lakers need Davis to be a key player, especially when LeBron James is not on the court. If Davis doesn’t step up, it will be a tough season for the Lakers in the competitive Western Conference. Even though it’s just one game, the Lakers are worried about Anthony Davis’s inconsistency. They need him to be a reliable player throughout the entire game. If he can’t do that, LeBron James may have to carry a heavier load to help the team win games this season.