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Whenever New York Yankees fans think that their good days are back, something unexpected happens with the team, which pulls the hopes all the way down to the bottom. The Yankees were coming back to their required form after captain Aaron Judge’s return from the IL. However, once again, the squad has hit another gigantic iceberg in the form of Domino German’s ejection from the game against Toronto Blue Jays.

The game was going smoothly last night between the Yankees and the Jays. However, it took a drastic turn when pitcher Domingo German was ejected in the bottom of the fourth inning. Apparently, the umpire crew of the game found some illegal substance on his pitching hand which led to the Yankees pitcher’s ejection. But what was the “ILLEGAL” substance? Keep reading to find out.


Umpires Discover Some “Illegal Substance” On Domingo German’s Pitching Hand

Domingo German Discussing His Hand Substance With The Umpires.

Until the discovery, the Yankees’ pitcher had already worked on three excellent scoreless pitches against the Jays. However, it was the first-base umpire D.J. Reyburn who found some sticky substance on Domingo German’s palm. Moreover, the speculation of the illegal substance rose further when the same material was located on the pitcher’s pants near the top side of his right leg. Hence, after a moment of discussion with the umpire crew, they removed Domingo from the field.

While discussing the incident in a pool report interview, the Umpire crew chief James Hoye revealed that Domingo’s hand was the “stickiest I’ve ever felt.” Hoye further said that his hand was shiny on his palm and fingertips. Meanwhile, Team Yankees has also come out to defend their pitcher, claiming that the material was Rosin which is very much legal to use in the right amount. However, their defense was not enough to save Domingo German’s place in the line-up last night. But according to the umpire, that material was definitely not Rosin.

“I’ve felt hands with rosin, and it definitely was not rosin. Rosin is usually a little tacky. This was sticky. My fingers had a hard time coming off his palm,” asserted James Hoye.

What Will Happen To The New York Yankees’ Roster?

Domingo German

It’s not like Domingo German is in his best form currently. His spin rates are not up that well. The numbers are within the normal variation from game to game, at least up about 50-60 RPM over his seasonal average. But as a result of last night’s incident, Domingo is now suspended for the next 10 games. Moreover, the Yankees will not be allowed to replace the pitcher on the line-up. Therefore, this was clearly a big hit to the team just when they were taking a step forward.

On the other hand, Domingo German himself explained the incident and his side. According to the Bomber, he used a Rosin bag only. “There are two kinds of rosin bags. You have a rock one and a sand one. I use the sand one,” stated the pitcher. However, Domingo used the substance on the mound last night, as he was not doing the same for the last couple of games.