Carlos Rodon

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Is Yankees Planning To Replace Carlos Rodon? Team Reportedly Exploring Pitching Options For 2024 Season!

In a surprising move, left-hander Carlos Rodon signed a mega six-year $162 million contract with the New York Yankees earlier this year. Despite a successful season with the Giants in 2022, the pitcher exercised his contract opt-out clause. Meanwhile, the Bombers were delighted to have Rodon on board owing to his strong and aggressive gameplay.

However, it took over two months for Carlos Rodon to mark his debut in the pinstripes. Multiple injury setbacks plagued his first year of a six-year contract with the Yankees. Having said that, as the Bombers move over the disappointing 2023 season, Rodon will face the pressure to finish the season on a high due to this reason.


Carlos Rodon Must Eliminate His Struggles To Keep Yankees From Making A Major Signing!

Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Brian Cashman

After multiple setbacks and poor form, Carlos Rodon delivered a nine-strikeout performance in Yankees 4-1 win over Boston Red Sox earlier this week. For the first time this season, the pitcher looked like his usual self on the mound. However, Rodon would be required to finish the season on a high. Apparently, the team is looking to sign a Japanese buzzing star, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, in the upcoming off-season. Recently, general manager Brian Cashman, along with his team, were spotted scouting the pitcher in Japan. Moreover, as per rumors, the Bombers already have an offer in place. However, it would cost a bomb to the franchise to land Yoshinobu. As per Japanese baseball league rules, the team that signs Yamamoto will have to pay a release fee of $31,875,000 since the pitcher is a top-tier candidate.

Not only that, Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s market value is expected to touch $50,000,001. If the Japanese ace lands up on the Yankees roster, it would create a problem for Carlos Rodon since he could end up at the back of the rotation. Presently, Rodon is placed second below ace Gerrit Cole in the starting rotation. Not only that, Yamamoto could pose more of a competitor than a teammate to the left-hander who is desperately trying to justify his high payroll. Hence, it’s upon Rodon to secure his future. He needs to make the franchise believe in him again. That can be done by finishing the season on a high in his last outing. Moreover, Carlos Rodon needs to ensure that his troubling health history will not become a prolonged problem for the Yanks.

Carlos Rodon Stirs Up Controversy With Yet Another Unruly Antic

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon blows a kiss to fans after exiting his start against the Angels on Wednesday. Prime

Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon seems an emotional guy. He wears his heart upon his sleeves whenever he steps on the mound to do his business. But the fact is, New York is not a place suitable for emotional guys who cannot endure harsh criticism. Rodon, who has remained inconsistent and disappointing this year, faced the wrath of the fans on multiple occasions.

Having said that, the fans are also complaining about Rodon’s uncanny demeanor on the field. His blowing kiss and shushing gestures did not sit well with the Yankee supporters. Meanwhile, the pitcher took it up a notch higher last week when he ditched the team’s Star Insurance patched jersey. The insurance company came on board as the club’s sponsors mid-season. However, it seems Carlos Rodon remains unhappy about something that seems known to only him.