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The long-standing quarrel between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley is not a secret. However, ever since the Lakers signed Beverley, the duo has left no opportunity to exhibit that they have long buried the hatchet between them. Patrick Beverley previously even mentioned that Westbrook is his best friend on the Lakers\’ side. However, many believe that that is nothing more than a propaganda narrative being pushed by the Lakers. 

On Wednesday, LA welcomed the Minnesota Timberwolves to for a preseason game. In a dead-ball situation, Beverley was rousing the players on the court. He yelled directions as everyone was already gathered together, but not Westbrook. Beverley was indicating for Russell Westbrook to join the huddle. Even Anthony Davis had to talk to Russ to convince him to join the cause, but it didn\’t work either. Westbrook indeed approached the group of players. But he essentially ignored Beverley\’s requests.


In the meantime, fans and experts have made all kinds of conjectures in response to the tragedy. Westbrook couldn\’t have been ignorant that a huddle was taking place, we can\’t say. Even after Russ knelt down in defiance, Anthony Davis apparently tried to persuade him to join the huddle. The Lakers, who are counting on Russell Westbrook to enter the upcoming season with a fresh mindset, can\’t help but think that this isn\’t a good look.

Russell Westbrook And Jaden McDaniels\’ Heated Exchange!

Russell Westbrook, a point guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, is renowned for his aggressive demeanor on the floor. Over the years, he has developed a reputation as a player who starts savagely attacking his opponents from the first tip. Westbrook once again demonstrated his fierce attitude during the Lakers\’ preseason matchup with the Timberwolves.


Jaden McDaniels, a third-year forward, was on his way to the hoop in the first quarter when Russell Westbrook took the ball away from him. The ball was recovered by Kyle Anderson, who then kicked it out for Naz Reid to shoot an open three-pointer. But things became hotter between Westbrook and McDaniels.

While contending for position beneath the boards, McDaniels offered Westbrook a slight nudge. The 33-year-old point guard responded by pushing McDaniels in the chest with a late shove of his own. When the ball went over the net, it fell directly into McDaniels\’ hands, and he immediately threw the ball back to an approaching Russell Westbrook. Jaden McDaniels received the ball squarely from Westbrook\’s one-handed, lefty rocket pass to the chest. Meanwhile, this intense and heated encounter between Jaden and Russell Westbrook has left the internet divided among opinions. 

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