Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

After five straight defeats in the regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers finally managed to return to their winning ways, winning two games in a row. However, the success of the team was short lasted. After tasting a defeat against the Jazz on Friday, the team lost their seventh game on against the Cavaliers on Sunday. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook, who has redeemed his form for the past few games, was seemingly upset after the recent defeat.

\”Don\’t Know Whose Job It Is to Distribute The Ball,\” Says Russell Westbrook!

The Lakers dropped two straight after winning two straight games. It appeared for a brief moment that the Lakers had found a solution to their three-point shooting problems. It turns out that they haven\’t. While playing the Cavaliers last night, the Lakers only shot 29.6% from beyond the arc. Even though they shot better than the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team lost control of the game due to turnovers and fouls. The visiting Cavaliers won, as a result, by 114–100.

Russell Westbrook

On the other hand, Russ has excelled, averaging 15.1 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 5.6 assists per game while playing some crucial minutes on the court. Russell Westbrook hasn\’t been flawless, though, that is a fact. He has demonstrated an aversion to making changes and keeping himself accountable this season, just like he did last. However, he recently said something that confused many Lakers supporters during a conversation with reporters on Sunday night.

The main concern ever since Westbrook moved to Los Angeles was how he and LeBron James would split the ball. Last season, this caused a lot of problems, but the team found a solution this season. Russ was forced to leave the bench. Westbrook was also questioned about the team\’s improved ball movement after the game today, particularly in regards to getting Anthony Davis going.

Russell Westbrook

\”If I\’m being completely honest, I don\’t know whose main responsibility it is to accomplish that,\” Westbrook retorted. He added that he would leave it to the coaches to decide how to best use each player. Every time Russell has the chance, he strives to perform as well as he can. However, this type of response caught him off guard. 

Russ\’s response suggested that he was not happy with his current circumstances. And in all honesty, it appeared as though he was criticizing LeBron James. The Lakers have had a 2-7 start to the season. This obviously is not the kind of season that their fans have been hoping for after the disappointment in the last season. 

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