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Is Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Not Acknowledging The Bouncing Concern From Belgian GP?

Mercedes 2022 season’s car, W13, struggled massively due to bouncing and porpoising issues. The team changed the car design concept, which completely backfired. The issues persisted throughout the 2022 season, which kept the team at bay from winning. However, the Silver Arrows learned from past mistakes and got rid of the bouncing issues in 2023.

This season’s W14 had been more stable than the previous edition. Still, to curb some underlying issues, Mercedes has been working on upgrades back in the factory. They introduced one in Monaco, the next one at Silverstone, and the recent one in Belgium. The upgrade in Belgium looked more track specific, but it brought back a major issue that has sent waves of concern among the fans. However, boss Toto Wolff looks least concerned.


Mercedes Boss Acknowledges Return Of Bouncing Issues At Spa Weekend


Mercedes’ drivers Lewis Hamilton finished P4, whereas George Russell ended up at P6 at the recently concluded Belgian Grand Prix. After the race, Hamilton complained of bouncing issues for the first time this season. He said the car bounced just like last year at Spa, which is a major concern. Meanwhile, team principal Toto Wolff acknowledged the concerns and said that the upgrades introduced at Spa could have been a contributing factor. The latest upgrade package included new side pods and a tweaked floor. Wolff believes the floor could have caused the bouncing. But they are still retrieving data to understand the root cause of the problem.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff confirmed that bouncing issues immensely limited the drivers from scoring more points at Belgian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton, particularly, struggled even at the easiest corner of the track. Moreover, the bouncing on the straight led to overheating of the tires, which limited the British driver from pushing. Having said that, the team principal is confident that the Silver Arrows are headed in the right direction in machinery development. The aerodynamic guys and engineers are working hard back at the factory, which is commendable. Wolff added that during the summer break, the team will collect as much data as possible to understand the root cause of the bouncing issues and will work towards getting rid of it.

Lewis Hamilton, George Russell Complain Of Bouncing At Spa

George Russell is pushing Lewis Hamilton in 2022 (AFP)

The recently concluded Belgian Grand Prix produced underwhelming results for Mercedes. While both the drivers, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell, scored points, the former missed out on a podium by two seconds. During the post-race interview, the seven-time world champion said that the car needs massive improvement. He felt a bouncing issue just like last year, and the rear end just didn’t work at all. All these persistent issues drove him crazy.

On the other hand, Mercedes’s second driver, George Russell, also termed bouncing as the key problem he faced at Spa weekend. Russell added that while a lot of teams suffered from the same problem, Mercedes’ porpoising was highly significant. He said that it’s a shame to see so many teams struggling with this silly issue while racing in the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One. The British driver hoped to get this issue resolved in the future as it’s in the best interest of the sport.