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Priyanshu Raidas


Is LeBron James Finally Wearing Out? Has He Lost Hope To Lead His Lakers Squad To Finals?

The Los Angeles Lakers have had heavy support from their big man LeBron James to reach so far in the competition. Undoubtedly he is a crucial figure in LA’s roster because of his contributions to the team. He has been remarkable in fighting his age and staying determined toward his goal. But the aging factor has taken a toll on his performance. And it was visible in the last game against the Denver Nuggets. There is no doubt that the Nuggets players had faster players and better strategies. But if James was in his usual form, he could have easily turned the game around.

The four-time champion is already hanging around his father’s time but does not let it hinder his performance. But it is prominent that at some point, LeBron will have difficulty maintaining the standards he has set for himself. And last night was a transparent display of the same. He made a mess with his long-range shooting, fumbled in the defense, and gave up the possession a little too much in the game. The behavior is obviously unlike the 19-time All-star is used to put in front of his fans.


LeBron James Playing Well Then What Is The Problem

LeBron James. Source - thestar.com

Any fan who has witnessed LeBron James’ performance until now must know that he has been good for the team. He is easily scoring triple-double with 24 average points in every game in the postseason. The last two series were exceptional, where the Lakers finished their opponents in just six games. But as the team is just one step away from playing the finals, they wish to play so eagerly. They are making mistakes. And the errors at crucial times could change the game eventually, like they did last night.

The Lakers had a comfortable 11-point lead which could have helped them come out victorious in game 2. But the uncharacteristic mistakes from AD and LeBron James cost them a crucial match. There could be various reasons for this, and one of many could be fatigue. But the former champion does not want to use any excuses like fatigue. “If you’re not tired in the postseason … I mean, everyone’s tired,” he said. But in the same game, he missed 19 straight shots in the fourth quarter.

James Has Not Lost Hope

LeBron James. Source - USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers’ ace is playing his 20th season and has been chasing his fifth ring for the last three years. So it looks like the big man still has hungry eyes for the big prize. In his recent interview with ESPN, he said, “I think we improved from Game 1 to Game 2, If we can do the same thing from Game 2 to Game 3, we put ourselves in a position to win.”

LeBron James said the Nuggets will have to beat them four times before the series is over for good. And the next two games are at the Crypto Arena. LA fans will give the much-needed boost to the team for them to get back in the final series.