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Is It Time To Write Off The New York Yankees For The 2023 MLB Season?

Anybody who has watched New York Yankees’ baseball since June 4 would believe that the team has hit rock bottom. The team has endured the worst of the worst losses since losing captain Aaron Judge to injury. As of this writing, the 27-time World Series champions sit at the bottom of the AL-East table with a record of 50-47.

But how did it all come falling down for the Yankees? They were 35-25 and 10 games above .500 right before Aaron Judge crashed into the Dodgers Stadium and suffered a grievous toe injury. Since then, the team has fallen to 15-22, with nine games behind the Orioles and four games below the wild card spot. Moreover, the team’s most recent losing streak has got the fans to count the Yanks out of the postseason.


Can The Yankees Still Make It To Postseason? Or The Ship Has Already Sunk?

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After 97 games, the New York Yankees find themselves at the bottom of the East division, four games below the playoff wild card spot. With still over 60 games to go, do the Yanks still stand a chance of a postseason seat? One would argue probably not. But it’s the Yankees, after all. They have had infamous incidents of staging inspiring comebacks. Speaking of this season, the team has a big weapon, shaping for a return, Aaron Judge. While a single player may not play a huge role in a team sport, Aaron Judge is an exception. The significant gap in stats before and after Judge’s injury speaks for itself. He is undoubtedly the difference between a win and a loss for the team. By recently ramping up field activities, Judge has announced his imminent return.

Apart from Aaron Judge, Nestor Cortes will hit rehab assignment over the weekend. Upon return, he will get back at the top of the rotation and assist Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon. Moreover, with the trade deadline approaching in a couple of weeks, the Yanks are expected to make a few moves that will further strengthen the lineup. All things considered, the Bronx Bombers stand a real chance at making it to the playoff in the next 60 games, provided they bring out their best on the field henceforth. Just tie the loose ends, shake up the offense, elevate pitches, and maintain nerves during crucial moments. The key to success lies within. They just need to take each game head-on with the right mindset.

Carlos Rodon’s Kiss Controversy Shakes Up Yanks Postseason Dreams!

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon blows a kiss to fans after exiting his start against the Angels on Wednesday. Prime

Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon‘s sarcastic kiss to the booing crowd gave birth to a fresh controversy. After getting shelled by Angels hitters, the pitcher lost his cool and responded to the booing crowd with what he thought was the best possible reaction, a blowing kiss. However, for long-lost Yankee fans, it was a deja vu moment. In 1995, the team was in a similar position when Jack McDowell flicked his middle finger to the crowd after allowing 13 hits and nine runs in four innings.

The Yanks were then on the verge of getting knocked out of the playoff before the Royals visited the Bronx for a series. They won seven games in a row and secured an MLB-best 26-7 finish to secure the playoff wildcard spot. If the stars align, the 2023 Yankee team can recreate a similar comeback story. Also, the Royals are visiting for a series next over the weekend. Do the modern-day Yankees have it in them to turn things around? Only time will tell.