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Yankees Carlos Rodon Had The Most Unusual Reaction To Crowd Boos Following A Disastrous Start, Later Issues Explanation! Checkout

Trailing 0-2 in three-game series vs. Los Angeles Angels, the New York Yankees played for their pride in the series finale on Wednesday. However, the visitors got brutally swept with yet another offensive explosion from the Angels. Shohei Ohtani and Taylor Ward attacked starter Carlos Rodon early on to put the Yanks under intense pressure, which resulted in a 7-3 loss.

It’s the Yankees’ first clean sweep series loss post the All-Star break. Moreover, the team dropped further down in the East division. They remain three games below the playoff wild card spot. Meanwhile, an unusual emotional outburst of Yanks starter Carlos Rodon was caught on camera. After receiving intense backlash, the pitcher had to issue a clarification. Read on to learn the whole controversy.


Carlos Rodon Blows A Kiss To Booing Crowd, Stirs Up Fresh Controversy!

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon blows a kiss to fans after exiting his start against the Angels on Wednesday. Prime

Booing and criticism remain part of the sport. And who better than the Yankee players knows what it feels like to face heckling from their very own home fans? The New York sporting fan base is passionate yet brutal. They never shy away from vocally expressing their resentment and disappointment. Hence, the players, before joining the club, are always advised to remain thick-skinned. However, seem like the Yankee’s newest acquisition, Carlos Rodon didn’t receive the memo as he got riled up by the away fans. On Wednesday, Rodon made his third start of the season in pinstripes. However, the Angels didn’t show any mercy as he got drilled for six earned runs in mere 4.1 innings pitched. Naturally, the Angels fans were up on their feet and hurled boos at the pitcher.

However, Carlos Rodon had the most unusual and uncanny response to these incessant boos. While walking back after pitching the second inning, Rodon apparently blew a kiss to the vocal fans in the crowd. The kiss looked more like a sarcastic gesture, as if Rodon wanted to express that he wasn’t affected by the heckling, or perhaps he didn’t care. The entire orderly was caught on camera lens, and the video shortly went viral on social media. The Yankees pitcher received a lot of backlash for his gesture. Fans on the internet mocked him for being too thin-skinned. Many believe that Rodon could have handled the situation more maturely. After intense backlash, Rodon came forward with an explanation.

Rodon Explains His Flying Kiss Gesture To Booing Crowd!

Carlos Rodon
Credit: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images. Pictured: Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

The disastrous start on Wednesday vs. the Angels messed with Carlos Rodon’s head. He blew a kiss to the booing crowd and immediately faced criticism. Meanwhile, after the game, the pitcher issued an explanation. He said that the kiss was the best reaction he could give to the angry fans. But at the same time, he feels that he could have perhaps chosen not to react to it at all. Rodon explained that he felt frustrated by the manner in which it was getting beaten up by the Angels hitters.

Carlos Rodon added that a fan was angry in the crowd as he hurled boos at him. He felt angry too, and in a fit of emotional rage, he blew a kiss that seemingly backfired on him. All things considered, it’s just Rodon’s third start with the Yanks. He still has a long way to go in his six-year contract. It’s time he gets his guard up and gets a little thick-skinned. Because if Carlos Rodon thinks the aways fans were brutal, the wrath of the home fans at Yankee Stadium is something he is undoubtedly not prepared for.