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Is Austin Wells Ready To Catch In Major League? Yankees Catching Coordinator Weighs The Prospect’s Growth

Catcher Austin Well, the New York Yankees’ top prospect, ranks eighth in the MLB’s overall prospects list. The rookie earned an invitation for this year’s spring training. But an abrupt rib injury stalled his plans. However, despite setbacks, Wells worked his way up in the minor league and has earned a promotion twice this season.

After beginning the season in Single-A, Austin Wells moved on to Double-A before eventually landing in Triple-A. While his numbers are average on the plate, Austin Wells has often been referred to as a weak defender. Amid this, rumors of Wells’ promotion to the big leagues are gaining momentum. Meanwhile, the Yankees’ catching coordinator weighed his thoughts on whether or not the catcher was prepared enough to feature in the major league.


Yankees Catching Coordinator Is Happy With Austin Wells’ Growth As A Defender

Somerset Patriots player Austin Wells Credit: Somerset Patriots

Austin Wells has managed to gain significant attention by grinding in the minor league this season. So far, he has hit .237 with 11 homers and 50 RBIs over 58 games at Double-A and .253 with one home run and eight RBIs over 22 games at Triple-A. However, in defense, Wells is lagging behind. This year, Wells has nabbed just 13% of base stealers while committing 10 errors. That brings back the famous narrative of Wells not being a good defender behind the plate in focus. However, the Yankees’ catching coordinator, Tanner Swanson, who has worked closely with the prospect, is pleased. Swanson added that when Wells got out of college, there were a lot of questions about his defense. But over the years, he has developed into a better receiver and a blocker.

Further asked on whether or not Austin Wells is ready to feature in the major league, Tanner Swanson refrained from giving a clear opinion. He reckoned that Wells has not given a reason to believe that he is not yet ready for the big leagues. His performance in minor leagues is a testament to the talent and skills he possesses. Swanson believes Wells has got the tools to shine in the big leagues whenever he gets a chance. Having said that, the coordinator believes that a lot of behind-the-scenes preparations are necessary for a catcher before getting into any league. Hence, they are trying to create such kind of an atmosphere in Scranton to keep Austin Wells as ready as possible.

Aaron Boone Does Not Rule Out Austin Wells, Everson Pereira’s Promotion This Season

Austin Wells, Everson Pereira

Meanwhile, rumors of an alleged promotion of Austin Wells and Everson Pereira have been gaining momentum. The duo was missing from the Triple-A lineup on Friday. However, Conor Foley of The Times-Tribune squashed the rumors stating that while Wells has an off day, Pereira missed out on the game due to sickness.

Having said that, a possible promotion is still on the cards for the minor league duo. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said that both Austin Wells and Everson Pereira are knocking on the doors of the major league. They are making a strong case for themselves. Hence, the team management will definitely contemplate the idea of a probable promotion later in the season.