Everson Pereira is off to a good start playing for the High-A Hudson Valley Renegades after being promoted there late last season and hitting 14 homers in 27 games.Dave Janosz | Hudson Valley Renegades

The New York Yankees revolving door at the left field is still revolving. Having acknowledged the issue during the off-season itself, the front office did too little to address it meaningfully. Instead, the team opted for trial and error method. Starting off with Oswaldo Cabrera and Aaron Hicks, the Yanks ended up fielding over five outfielders in the left.

Yet, the Yankees failed to determine a permanent solution. Moreover, a little ray of hope igniting in the hearts of the fans diminished completely at the closure of the trade deadline. With no outside help coming in for the rest of the season, the Bronx Bombers must look within. Meanwhile, a young outfielder is currently raking the minor league and knocking on the doors of the major league. Will the club pay any heed to it?


Everson Pereira Could Be The Yankees Left Field Solution

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22-year-old Venezuelan outfielder Everson Pereira signed with the New York Yankees back in 2017 as a teenager. He has been playing minor league for the past five years and has built up an impressive resume. After dominating in Hudson Valley and Somerset Patriots, the outfielder recently got promoted to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, where he has hit .347 with five homers, 25 RBIs, and .955 OPS in 22 games. Moreover, when Brian Cashman was asked to name a player who could impact the Yankees in the remaining two months of the season, he said, “Everson Pereira.” Everson has set no foot wrong so far, which strengthens his case.

While the Yanks are currently in playoff contention, they may come a time when the postseason berth could go out of question. Hence, during those last few stretches of meaningless games, the Yankees can afford to promote Everson Pereira and test him out for the left-field role. If his performance remains satisfactory, the outfielder could find himself in the team’s plans for the next season. Another option would be to use him as a trade chip. This could only happen if the club sees no long-term future with the rookie. All things considered, Pereira’s major league promotion in the next 60-odd days looks realistic. He will have an opportunity to cement his place in the team’s future plans. And who knows may, be he was the left-field solution the team was looking for all this while.

Yankee Prospect Stuns MLB Fraternity With Switch Fielding Skills

Credit: AP

In the field of baseball, having a switch hitter is a luxury. It is a double-edged sword that could tackle both left and right-hander flamethrowers. However, in a rare incident, Yankees prospect, Anthony Seigler, has discovered something called a switch fielder. Anthony was drafted by the Bombers in 2018 as a traditional catcher, and he has played behind the plate for most part of his short career.

However, on Wednesday, playing for the Somerset Patriots, Anthony Seigler played as a left-handed-throwing left fielder, a position completely opposite to his traditional right-handed-throwing catcher. Speaking on the thought behind it, the prospect said that he used to play a lot as a left fielder during his childhood days. Hence, he wasn’t going to deny an opportunity to be lefty just because it’s pro league. It would be interesting to see how the left-right fielding combination works for him in the future.