Juan Soto
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The New York Yankees are expected to be prime buyers at the upcoming trade deadline. Their focus will be on strong outfield hitters who could revive the team’s dead offense. Meanwhile, the Yanks have reportedly set their sights on acquiring outfielder Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. Soto, one of the brightest young stars in the game, would provide an immediate boost to the Yankees’ lineup. However, the Padres are unlikely to part ways with Soto unless the Bombers make an offer that they simply cannot refuse. Here are three such prospects which could interest the Padres.

1. Infield Prospect Trey Sweeney

Yankees shortstop prospect Trey Sweeney hit 16 homers in 111 games with High-A Hudson Valley and Double-A Somerset in 2022, his first full season as a pro.Photo courtesy Somerset Patriots

Juan Soto’s trade to the Yankees looks unlikely. But if it were to happen hypothetically, the Yanks should consider offering top infield prospect Trey Sweeney in exchange. Drafted in 2021, Trey is primarily a shortstop but could move to third base in the future. Undoubtedly, Sweeney has loads of potential. But with Anthony Volpe locked in for the long future at shortstop, the prospect’s future with the team looks shaky. Hence, if the Bombers have doubts about Trey’s future, the time is now to use him as a trade chip. Landing a player like Soto will need the Yanks to make some sacrifices, and Trey Sweeney has emerged as the ideal candidate momentarily.


2. Outfield Prospect Everson Pereira

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San Diego Padres would be more interested in landing an outfielder in exchange for Juan Soto. That makes Everson Pereira, one of MLB’s top 10 prospects, an ideal candidate. Ever since joining the club in 2017, Pereira has exceeded all expectations when it comes to hard-hitting. Moreover, he is an all-around athlete who will come in handy in the field as well. For the Yanks, they have Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton locked in for the next five years. Hence, Everson is unlikely to find a place in the major league until then. At the same time, the Padres can really use his services to shape the future of the club. If they were to trade Soto, believe it or not, Everson Pereira is a like-for-like replacement.

3. Pitching Prospect Richard Fitts

Source: Tampa Tarpons

Pitching is also something that would interest San Diego Padres immensely. They had to sacrifice LHP Mackenzie Gore and RHP Jarlin Susana while acquiring a young Juan Soto. So if they were to trade Soto now, an established pitching prospect like Richard Fitts would be a great exchange. The Padres’ current farm system is too young to make a debut by 2025. Meanwhile, Fitts is already playing Double-A at the Yanks. Moreover, as far as the Yanks are concerned, they already have an overflowing bullpen. While Richard is a pitcher with loads of potential, giving him away for a player like Juan Soto would be a no-brainer for the team.

Acquiring Juan Soto would undoubtedly be a significant move for the New York Yankees. To convince the San Diego Padres to part ways with their young star, the Yankees would need to offer an enticing trade package. The combination of these prospects, along with potentially other complementary pieces, could form the basis of a compelling trade offer. Ultimately, the decision rests with the Padres, who must weigh the value of their star outfielder against the potential long-term benefits of acquiring promising young prospects.