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“Innocent Until Proven Guilty” NFL Player Defends LeBron James On Recent PEDs Use Allegations!

LeBron James has always been a symbol of utmost dedication to the game of basketball. He is playing in his 20th NBA season at the age of 38. Even after so many years, there is no sign of any degradation in the quality of the King’s game. LeBron James has been playing better than most in the current season. Even if there is no decrease in quality, there has been a concern with his physique, though. James had missed several games in the last season. Anthony Davis had to carry the team through the majority part of the previous season.

On the other hand, this time, LeBron was carrying the team alone in Davis’s absence. But when AD came back, James got out a few days later. Now Lebron is recovering, and chances are he won’t make it before the postseason. If the Lakers make it to the postseason. The LA franchise is sharing the same win-loss ratio with the Pelicans and the Thunder.

LeBron James
OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers: LeBron James

As a result, the Lakers have climbed up to the 9th seed. But nobody can say how long they can hold on to it. LeBron James needs to recover as soon as possible and help the team in their remaining 15 games to confirm their postseason journey. In the midst of all these tensions, there is another serious problem the King will need to deal with at the moment.

Marcellus Wiley Defends LeBron James

Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen brought allegations on LeBron James that he uses PEDs to maintain his unique shape. People from all over the sports community were shocked, not just in NBA. The 48-year-old former NFL player, Marcellus Wiley, quickly responded to these allegations that these are just baseless assumptions. This sports expert explained that nobody could come to any conclusion if anyone takes drugs just after examining how someone looks.

The former Cowboys defensive end suggested that he does not believe that LeBron James has been on steroids. Wiley feels LeBron is not the type of player who would cheat on the game in any way. The sportscaster emphasized the commitment of King James. Wiley feels the King always goes about his game in the right way.

LeBron James has suffered a lot from injury issues, and if he was really using PEDs, then injuries could not have troubled him so much. But this theory won’t stop anybody from making allegations or expressing their feelings. Meanwhile, King James should focus on recovering faster rather than giving these allegations too much importance. Wiley indeed believes in the theory of being innocent until proven otherwise.

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

The Lakers ace has never tested positive after giving the doping tests. All of a sudden, there is no point in believing what one man claims. NBA should look for more evidence and clues to verify if there is any truth to what the former MMA fighter said. Wiley is not convinced that James takes PEDs until he proves positive in a doping test.