India vs. Pakistan ICC T20 World Cup: Everything You Need To About Their Rivalry

India and Pakistan are all set to begin their 2021 ICC T20I World Cup journey with a match against one another on Sunday, October 24, in Dubai. India vs. Pakistan is one of the most-heated cricket rivalries of all time. The fans from both countries are very passionate about cricket and want their respective team to win. As a result, on Sunday, everyone will stick in front of their TV to watch India and Pakistan\’s opening game. 

The interesting thing is India and Pakistan came face to face in ICC T20 World Cup a total of five times, and India managed to beat Pakistan on all of the five occasions. Pakistan cricket team is yet to defeat India in the T20 World Cup tournament. They will certainly like to change it when they face India on October 24. On the other hand, India will like to update their winning streak to 6-0 against Pakistan. Below are the details of India and Pakistan\’s past World Cup outings. 


India vs. Pakistan (2007 T20 World Cup)

In the inaugural edition of the ICC T20 World Cup, India and Pakistan were put in the same group. The first match between India and Pakistan was actually ended up in a draw as both teams scored a total of 141 runs. However, after the match, India beat Pakistan by ball-out and secured two points. 

India vs. Pakistan (2007 T20 World Cup Final)

India and Pakistan met again in the 2007 World Cup for the second time. This time, it was in the finals of the tournament. In the first innings of this match, India scored a total of 157 runs. Pakistan failed to chase this score and got all out on 152 runs. Irfan Pathan bagged the man of the match as India lifted the trophy of the very first ICC T20 World Cup. 

India vs. Pakistan (2012 T20 World Cup)

India vs. Pakistan took place again in the 2012 edition of the ICC T20 World Cup. Pakistan only scored 128 runs in this match. The interesting fact is that Virat Kohli bowled three overs and also took the wicket of Mohammad Hafeez. India easily chased this score and won this match by 8-wickets.

India vs. Paksitan (2014 T20 Wolrd Cup)

India vs. Pakistan at the 2014 ICC T20 World Cup was again an easy win for India. Pakistan put only 130 runs on the scorecard, and team India chased it with ease. Virat Kohli was the highest run-scorer in this match as he scored 36 runs out of 32 balls. Whereas Amit Mishra bowled brilliantly and took two wickets. 

India vs. Pakistan (2016 T20 World Cup)

The last and the most recent India vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup match took place in 2016. The same thing happened again as Pakistan batted again. They only managed to score 118 runs. However, the returning Mohammad Amir made it a little difficult for India to chase this score as he delivered a brilliant spell. India still won this match. The outcome could be different if Pakistani batsmen added some more runs on the scorecard. 


All the previous outings between these two teams hint that the odds are in favor of India in their upcoming match. India vs. Pakistan is all set to take for the sixth time in the ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday, October 24, 2021. 

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