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‘I Was Robbed,” Lewis Hamilton Recalls Devastating 2021 Abu Dhabi GP Results!

On the eve of 2021 F1 season finale race weekend in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton was denied his record breaking eight title in what turned out to be one of the most controversial race finishes in the motorsport history. A couple of rules were tweaked on the pretext of entertainment that eventually led to a heartbreak for Lewis.

While years have passed by, the scars of the unforgivable robbery still continues to haunt the seven time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, his team Mercedes and his enormous fanbase spread across the world. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Hamilton admitted how the unjustifiable loss still hurts him.


Lewis Hamilton Is Hurt With 2021 Title Heartbreak But Has Made Peace With Fate!

Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen (R) and Lewis Hamilton on the podium after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sportskeeda

Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was on his quest to surpass legend Michael Schumacher to become the driver with the most championships in the history of F1. However, fate had other plans as Abu Dhabi race director Michael Masi tweaked the rules on the final lap of the race. While the championship decider race was supposed to conclude under the safety car, Masi ordered a final lap shootout out of nowhere and reduced the gap between Max Verstappen and Hamilton by allowing lapped cars to unlap and overtake the safety car. Eventually, Verstappen passed Lewis with fresh tyres, thus denying Lewis his eighth title. Regardless of the heartbreak, the Brit walked up to congratulate Max and accepted fate gracefully on the podium.

However, just because Lewis Hamilton accepted defeat does not mean the wrongdoings didn’t hurt him. In his latest interview with GQ magazine, the Mercedes driver admitted being robbed by FIA. He still feels the emotions to this day if he ever happens to come across the clips of that fateful moment. However, Hamilton was grateful to have his pillar of support, his dad, around him during those low moments. He said how he recalled his dad’s teachings and walked up to Max Verstappen without realizing how much of an impact his gestures would have on fans. “I was definitely conscious of: These next 50 meters that I walk is where I fall to the ground and die—or I rise up,” said Hamilton to GQ. Nevertheless, Lewis Hamilton confessed that he had made peace with the past and is currently focused on his future with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Hamilton Reveals Having Manifested Ferrari Move As A Child

Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari, Mercedes

While speaking to GQ magazine, Lewis Hamilton addressed his bombshell Ferrari move that unfolded earlier this year. He admitted having dreamt of driving a Ferrari as a child and perhaps unconsciously manifested the move during his early days. Earlier, Lewis also said that driving for the iconic red team has always been a part of his wishlist.

However, for now, the British driver is focused on giving his best to Mercedes. He wants to finish his iconic association with the team on a high to witness a fairytale ending. “For now, though, I’m gonna lift Mercedes as high as I can this year,” said Lewis Hamilton to GQ.

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