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EXPLORED: Is Max Verstappen’s Father, Jos, A Worthy Candidate To Be The Next Red Bull Boss?

Successful team principal Christian Horner’s place in Red Bull Racing came under imminent threat after an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations was launched against him. Despite getting cleared of all charges, the dream team has never been the same, and reports of internal conflicts keep dropping every single day.

At this point, even if Christian Horner resigns or gets fired, the news won’t come as a shock to fans. However, in a scenario where Horner gets kicked out, does Red Bull have a replacement in mind? Perhaps no. However, a recent rumor touted a close aide of Max Verstappen as the front-runner to claim Horner’s job in the near future.


Jos Verstappen To Take Charge As Red Bull Team Principal?

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Christian Horner’s camp has been at loggerheads with Max Verstappen‘s camp ever since the political turmoil unfolded inside Red Bull Racing. The divide exploded when the Dutch driver’s dad, Jos Verstappen, went on record to offer support to the complainant victim. Not only that, Jos urged Horner to drop the victim card as he was the one causing problems and leading the team on the edge of a breakdown. Moreover, senior advisor Helmut Marko’s tussle with the leadership further distanced Max away as he threatened to terminate his contract if Marko were to leave. However, after the 80-year-old made peace with the team, Verstappen confirmed his desire to stay long-term with the team.

That being said, a shocking report from GrandPrix247 dropped on April 1st claiming how Red Bull is planning to replace Christian Horner with Jos Verstappen as the official team principal of the racing outfit. Moreover, the report claimed the transition of power could happen as early as the next round scheduled in Japan. However, it turned out to be an April Fools prank by the media house. After the post went viral, the media company came forward to clarify that the story was made up and holds no ground. It was a mere April Fools prank pulled off by the editors as it’s their yearly tradition. Therefore, for the time being, Christian Horner is heading nowhere. With the backing of the majority of Thai owners, the Brit team principal will continue to resume office as usual and will surely attend the upcoming grand prix in Suzuka, Japan.

Christian Horner’s Ambitious Take Over Could Soon Be Reality!

Christian Horner, Red Bull

Meanwhile, Christian Horner’s dream is not limited to succeeding as a racing outfit’s team principal anymore. If the latest rumors are to be believed, the Brit wants to take over the Red Bull empire, having control over the functioning of both the drink manufacturer and the racing team.

Not only that, Christian Horner allegedly proposed the plan to Thai ownership, most recently in Dubai. And surprisingly, the stakeholder offered their full support to Horner. At this pace, the British team principal could soon be the kingpin of Red Bull with the Thai owners having equal leadership opportunities. It would be interesting to see how the situation unfolds within the team in future.

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