Lewis Hamilton
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Seven-time F1 World Champion and Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton is in a desperate search for his record-breaking eight titles before calling it quits on his illusions motorsport career. As Mercedes witnessed a downfall after the post-2022 season regulation change, many wrote Hamilton off.

However, the 39-year-old British driver is as committed as ever to fighting for his ultimate goal. He signed a two-year extension contract with Mercedes last season to mark a first step towards the record goal. However, with the regulation unlikely to undergo a significant change until 2026, F1 pundit Natalie Pinkham does not expect Lewis Hamilton or Mercedes, for that matter, to produce a comeback anytime soon.


F1 Pundit Insists Lewis Hamilton Will Have To Wait Until 2026 For Eight Championship!

Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton walks back to the pits at the Qatar Grand Prix. Planet F1

Mercedes was dethroned as the ultimate champion of Formula One by Red Bull after the 2021 F1 season. The regulation change enforced in 2022 led to an imminent downfall for the Brackley-based team as they miscued heavily with the concept change. Now, to reverse the damage of two long seasons, Mercedes will need the help of another set of regulations change which resets the pecking order, says Sky Sports F1 Pundit Natalie Pinkham. In the latest interview, she mocked the team’s struggles, saying that Lewis Hamilton will probably have to race until he turns 50 because the Silver Arrows are far off from contesting for a championship.

She fears that Mercedes and Hamilton will have to wait until the 2026 regulation change to witness a turnaround. “The trouble is, I think that Mercedes has been a bit on the back foot with changing the direction of their concept. And I think it takes a regulation change maybe for them to come back to the fore,” says Natalie Pinkham. In 2026, F1 is set to revise engine regulations, with the electrical share witnessing a significant increase as F1 intends to limit CO2 emissions and opt for a more sustainable route. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff does not believe his team needs a divine intervention. He has firm faith in the Silver Arrows to produce a turnaround without any outside help. Additionally, Wolff says that if provided with the right car, Lewis Hamilton’s record of eight championships is just around the corner.

Toto Wolff Has Zero Doubt In Lewis Hamilton’s Championship Winning Ability!

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Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 39th birthday earlier this year, and Father Time will probably catch up to him sooner or later. However, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff firmly believes that Hamilton is still capable and perhaps the most deserving to win a championship. He says Lewis has got seven titles for a reason. Age has never been and won’t ever be an excuse.

The team principal added that the problem is not Lewis Hamilton but the car. Given that Mercedes succeeds in providing the Briton with a car he feels comfortable in, Lewis Hamilton can surely secure his record-breaking eight titles. So, will the 2024 season be the year Hamilton achieves his ultimate dream? Or does another disaster await the Brackley-based team? Only time will tell.