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In the midst of all the buzz about big-name players like Jordan Hicks and Hector Neris potentially joining the New York Yankees, there’s a quieter story unfolding that could steal the spotlight in the upcoming MLB season. While everyone usually talks about the famous players, there’s a determined pitcher working behind the scenes, aiming to make a strong comeback in 2024—Scott Effross.

Yankees—Scott Effross: A Fighter Bouncing Back from Injuries

In the fast-moving world of Major League Baseball, players often face challenges that test their toughness. Scott Effross, the not-so-famous but impactful pitcher, found himself in a tough situation. Acquired during the 2022 Trade Deadline, he quickly became a fan favorite with a great 2.54 ERA split between the Chicago Cubs and the Bronx Bombers. However, fate had other plans, throwing him into a rollercoaster of injuries.

Scott Effross
Yankees/Scott Effross

Effross’s determination shone through as he battled a right shoulder strain and eventually underwent Tommy John surgery. The 2023 season slipped away, but Effross refused to let setbacks define him. News in August hinted at him practicing in the bullpen, marking the start of a determined journey back to the mound. As spring training 2024 approaches, Effross, a pitcher with an unusual sidearm delivery, is ready to reenter the game, adding a unique touch to the Yankees’ bullpen.

Bullpen Puzzle: The Hector Neris Situation

In the chess game of building a championship-worthy bullpen, the Yankees found themselves in an interesting position during the offseason. The pitching market’s lack of top relievers made fans wonder if the team would bring in some extra help. The answer came in the form of Hector Neris, an experienced reliever who chose to explore free agency after saying no to a contract with the Houston Astros.

Recent rumors, as reported by’s Mark Feinsand, placed the Yankees at the forefront of the Neris sweepstakes. While not costing as much as a top-tier reliever like Josh Hader, Neris brings a solid track record and an impressive 1.71 ERA from his standout 2023 season. Yet, beneath the surface lies a more complicated performance, with a FIP that raises questions about how sustainable his success is.

Yankees/Hector Neris

Neris’s change in pitching style during his time with the Astros offers an interesting twist. Shifting from heavily relying on his splitter to a more balanced approach, he became a force in the late innings. As the Yankees think about adding this experienced arm to their bullpen, the potential teamwork with the returning Effross paints an exciting picture for the upcoming season.

The Yankees’ journey towards the 2024 season is not just about big signings; it’s a story that weaves toughness, redemption, and strategic moves into the team’s identity. Scott Effross’s return from injury and the potential addition of Hector Neris bring a sense of anticipation to the bullpen story. As fans eagerly await the sounds of the game, the unsung heroes, both established and emerging, get ready to create their stories in another exciting baseball season.