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The Golden State Warriors had a tough time against the Dallas Mavericks. They lost for the third time in a row, with a score of 132-122. This makes their overall record 15 wins and 17 losses. As a result, they currently hold the 11th spot in the Western Conference. The game highlighted the team’s struggles without key player Draymond Green. Coach Steve Kerr is putting in a lot of effort to figure out the best lineup for the team. Star player Steph Curry is also facing challenges with his shooting. Let’s dive into the details of what’s going on with the team and their plans for improvement.

Warriors: Struggles of Steph Curry and Team Issues

The Mavericks’ win not only showed the Warriors’ defensive weaknesses without Draymond Green but also highlighted Coach Steve Kerr’s ongoing challenge in finding the right lineup and player combinations. Klay Thompson’s ongoing struggles and the inconsistent performance of emerging talents like Jonathan Kuminga only make things more complicated.

Steph Curry
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A surprising drop in Stephen Curry’s usually great shooting has added another layer to the Warriors’ problems. Despite the team’s determined spirit, Steph Curry openly admits his recent shooting struggles, emphasizing his commitment to playing consistently well. “I hold myself to a high standard, know I need to shoot the ball better, play better, be more consistent, and provide that punch that scares teams and gets us going,” Curry said, staying optimistic about bouncing back.

Despite Efforts, Curry’s Numbers Remain Down

While Coach Kerr tried different lineups to spark Steph Curry, the changes did not give the desired results. Curry’s recent performances, including a 25-point effort against the Mavericks, have been surprisingly not efficient. Averaging only 18.7 points during the three-game losing streak, Curry is facing a shooting slump, with a 31.1% overall and 30.6% beyond the arc. Kerr, fully aware of the defensive struggles, said, “It’s hard to win in this league, especially in the modern NBA if you can’t get stops because everybody can score.”

Coach Kerr and Curry
NBA/Coach Kerr and Steph Curry

The Warriors are not only dealing with individual player struggles but also facing broader issues of team unity and grit. Despite talking about finding cohesion in the offseason, Kerr openly admits the team’s ongoing struggle to develop the necessary unity on the court.

“Until this team really connects in a way that is solely dedicated to winning each and every game, then we’re going to be stuck in this place. So we need to get there,” Kerr emphasized, pointing to the intangible quality that has been elusive so far. The team’s depth, initially seen as a strong point, has become a double-edged sword. Summer additions strengthened the bench. However, incorporating them into the lineup has proven challenging amid absences of key players like Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

Strength in Numbers Dilemma

The Warriors, once champions with the rallying cry of “Strength in Numbers,” now find themselves in a puzzling situation. With star players not performing at their best, the team struggles to embody the collective strength needed for success. As Green’s return looms in early January, tough decisions await Kerr and his coaching staff. The hope is that clarity in the lineup and rotation will lead to a resurgence of the team’s collective grit, a quality that has been elusive throughout the 2023–24 season.

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As the Warriors navigate these challenging times and actively look for solutions, fans eagerly await the return of Green. They hope for a potential comeback that could bring the team back to the winning ways they have been used to over the years. Facing challenges, the Warriors are a team with immense potential. With every setback, the anticipation for a triumphant comeback grows stronger among the loyal fanbase.