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In the middle of the offseason, the New York Yankees have been actively engaged in baseball trading. They are acquiring new players to strengthen their team. They got Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo to improve their outfield, which wasn’t very good last season. Now, with Soto and Verdugo playing with Aaron Judge, the Yankees look ready to have one of the best outfielders in baseball in 2024. But, along with the successes, there are challenges. People are watching closely to see if General Manager Brian Cashman’s plans are working.

Montgomery’s Return: A Pitching Power Move

A lot of attention is on Jordan Montgomery, who is making a return. He’s a pitcher who has become very good since leaving in 2022. People doubted if he could perform well in important games. However, Montgomery showed he could in the playoffs with the Cardinals and the Rangers. Montgomery’s impressive performance in the 2023 season, boasting a 3.20 ERA in 32 starts, showcases his prowess on the mound. This makes him a perfect fit to enhance the strength of the Yankees’ pitching rotation.

Yankees/Jordan Montgomery

Switching between Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon, Montgomery could be the key to strengthening the Yankees’ pitching lineup. This could make them a strong competitor for the World Series. With the Yankees having a substantial budget, bringing back Montgomery is a wise move. It will significantly enhance their pitching lineup, making them even more formidable.

Snell’s Risks: A Cautionary Tale

Even though the Yankees have a good pitching lineup, signing Blake Snell comes with some problems. Snell, who won the best pitcher award two times, is very talented, but sometimes he doesn’t perform well. They already traded away some good pitchers in the Juan Soto deal. Now, they need to ensure that their pitching remains strong.

Blake Snell
Yankees/Blake Snell

Snell’s talent is attractive, but there are risks in how well he plays. Additionally, there are concerns about how much money it will cost. They need to be careful. They should look at other, more reliable options to keep their pitching strong for the championship.

Yankees: Bolstering the Bullpen

To enhance their chances of winning the championship, they should target Josh Hader. Considered the best free-agent relief pitcher available, he showcases exceptional talent. Hader, who won the best relief pitcher award three times, had a great season in 2023 with the Padres. He could make the Yankees’ bullpen even better.

Josh Hader
Yankees/Josh Hader

Even though the Yankees’ bullpen did well in 2023, adding Hader could make it much stronger. Getting Hader might cost a lot of money. However, it will make the Yankees a stronger team and make fans very excited.

Paxton’s Perils: An Injury-Prone Pitfall

The Yankees should avoid signing James Paxton because he often gets injured. When Paxton is healthy, he is a good pitcher. But it’s rare for him to play a full season without getting hurt. With questions about the health of Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes Jr., they need a pitcher who can play the whole season without getting injured.

James Paxton
Yankees/James Paxton

Paxton performed well in his first year with the Yankees in 2019. However, he hasn’t been healthy in the last three seasons. They gave away a lot of their pitchers in trades, so signing Paxton would be risky. They should look for a pitcher who is more reliable to make their pitching strong.

Yankees: Urshela’s Return

A good idea for the Yankees is to bring back Gio Urshela. According to reports, they are interested in the 32-year-old, who played well in his three seasons in New York. Urshela can play in different positions in the infield, making him better than the current bench players.

Yankees/Gio Urshela

While Urshela might not play every day, having him on the team gives more options. He can play different positions when needed, which is helpful for an older team. Knowing that Urshela can do well with them is a good thing. As they go through the offseason, the decisions about Montgomery, Snell, Hader, Paxton, and Urshela will decide how well the team does. Fans are excited to see what happens, and one thing is sure: the Yankees are working hard to build a team that can win another championship in the Bronx.