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“I Hired A Mental Coach,” Sergio Perez Opens Up On Mental Struggles Amid Difficult Season With Red Bull

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has been under a lot of pressure lately. Why won’t he be after what is happening at present? Currently, Red Bull is dominating the grid, winning almost all races. Albeit, they lost in the Singaporean Grand Prix. But they got back to winning ways in a week’s time in the Japanese Grand Prix. Moreover, Max Verstappen won the race in Japan and confirmed the constructor title for the Austrian team. On the other hand, Checo had a DNF in the Japanese Grand Prix. He has been pretty inconsistent this season. Moreover, the Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko does not make things easier for Sergio Perez.

Marko never misses an opportunity to condemn Checo. Then, there is also the pressure of Daniel Ricciardo or some other driver who can replace Sergio Perez in Red Bull, next season perhaps. Hence, there is no doubt regarding the tremendous pressure Checo is under. But what can Sergio Perez do to handle the situation? Checo mentioned he hired a mental coach during the summer as he struggled with confidence.


Sergio Perez Took Mental Coach’s Help To Deal With Dipping Confidence

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Recently, Sergio Perez frankly spoke with De Limburger, a Dutch publication, saying his confidence dipping was affecting his performance this season. Adding to that, Checo mentioned at the start of the season the RB19 car suited him perfectly. But these cars keep evolving throughout the season. From the Miami Grand Prix, everything went downhill for Sergio Perez. The car did not suit him since then, and he failed multiple times in Q3. All these pressures led to his confidence dropping and affected his driving. But Checo’s self-confidence gradually came back as he realized he won a couple of races last year under his own steam. Later, he spoke with engineers to sort things out.

Sergio Perez lately mentioned that F1 is his passion and life. But when somebody struggles at work, it gets very difficult to be cheerful with his family. Hence, his mental coach helped him to become the best version of himself with his family and also at work. Hence, Checo is glad that he found positivity again and is happy to learn new things every day. He believes he won’t get tired of the sport because it still gives him a lot of joy.

Christian Horner Feels Checo Could Win Titles For Red Bull Without Max

Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull
Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull boss Christian Horner also believes that if Max Verstappen were not there, Checo would win the titles for them. Horner said Sergio Perez won twice this year, and without Max, he could have won six more races, anyway. Moreover, after Sergio Perez won two of the first four races this season, it raised hopes of the fans to see an exciting competition with an intense Red Bull rivalry.

However, Checo disappointed the fans later as he did not put any challenge to his teammate for the title. Clearly, within the next two races, Max Verstappen will win his back to back third championship. Albeit, Checo is still in the second place of the Driver’s championship. But the two Red Bull drivers have a huge gap between them. After 13 race wins already this year, Max Verstappen is currently on 400 points. On the other hand, Checo is on 223 points after two wins and eight podium finishes.