Kelly Piquet Lewis Hamilton
Kelly Piquet Lewis Hamilton Source: Daily Express

Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have formed an intense rivalry since 2021. They can even get a bit too critical of each other nowadays. But it is understandable to see the two of them having a go at each other whenever the opportunity presents itself. And why won’t their rivalry be serious and intense? After all, since the 2021 season, the F1 hegemony shifted from Hamilton to Verstappen. And from 2022, it was more like Mercedes to Red Bull.

However, Lewis Hamilton still stays as the most successful racer in F1. Until Max Verstappen reaches the level of Hamilton’s record tally, the rivalry will keep getting more intense. Hence, now on social media, there are groups for the Hamilton and Verstappen fans. It seldom happens that Verstappen’s fans would like any of Hamilton’s posts and vice versa. That’s why, recently, a Hamilton post from 2018 went viral as the fans discovered Max’s partner Kelly Piquet liked and commented on it.


Fans Question If Kelly Piquet Had A Crush On Lewis Hamilton

Kelly Piquet Lewis Hamilton
Kelly Piquet Lewis Hamilton Source: The Mirror

Some fans claim Kelly was a fan of Lewis Hamilton before she met Max Verstappen. There are even some fans who believe Kelly Piquet wanted Hamilton to be her partner. But she failed to convince Hamilton. Later, Kelly tried to date other Formula One drivers. However, Kelly Piquet started dating Russian F1 Driver Daniil Kvyat back in 2017. Hence, even in 2018, she had a crush on Lewis Hamilton. But when nothing happened with Hamilton, even after her breakup with the Russian F1 driver, she started dating Max Verstappen in 2021.

That’s why fans believe Piquet and her family have hated the Mercedes star ever since. Some fans believe because of Kelly’s unrequited love for Lewis Hamilton, her father and a famous F1 driver, Nelson Piquet, hates the seven-time champion. Moreover, fans criticized Nelson Piquet for his racist slur against Lewis Hamilton. On top of that, some fans say calling Kelly Piquet a fan of Hamilton is nothing but an understatement.

Kelly Piquet Believes Max Verstappen Is Very Modest

Max Verstappen Kelly Piquet
Max Verstappen Kelly Piquet Source: FirstSportz

However, Kelly Piquet, in the fag end of the last season, mentioned Max Verstappen is very modest and deserves everything he is getting nowadays. During an interview with Vogue Magazine Netherlands, Piquet further said that Max Verstappen doesn’t make many mistakes on the track and is very consistent. Despite being confident, Kelly Piquet says, Max Verstappen has no interest in fame and material things. Last year, Mercedes won only a single race. On the other hand, Red Bull won 17 races, and Max Verstappen won 15 alone.

But Hamilton was winless. He is still winless in 2023. It has been the longest time for the seven-time champion to be winless. Prior to 2022, Lewis Hamilton never had a season without a Grand Prix win. Everything changed after Max Verstappen took over the hegemony. Before 2021, Lewis Hamilton was enjoying a four-championship streak. But since 2021, Max Verstappen has been the double-time champion. Moreover, he is on his way to winning his third back-to-back championships.