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Fans are aware that LeBron James lives a unique life. It is not new for him to face scrutiny. He is a fighter and always fought against the odds to become a four-time champion. When the Cleveland Cavaliers picked James in 2003, there were a lot of expectations surrounding him. The Cavaliers fans looked at him as a savior who would end the Cleveland Curse. However, seven years went by, and nothing really changed. The Cavaliers fans still had to live with that curse, and so did the kid from Akron, Ohio. But the NBA league was calling him the best player without a championship ring for almost seven years.

Clearly, James had to do something about it. He took the tough call to move to Miami and join the Heat. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans called him a traitor and all sorts of similar things. Some even wished he never would win a title for the Heat. But he did win a couple of titles for the Miami Heat, finally breaking his jinx. Later, he returned to the Cavaliers to break their sports jinx. But now LeBron James might take another tough call to leave LA and move to Dallas, perhaps.


LeBron James Can Leave Lakers To Win Another Championship

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LeBron James has always said that winning championships means more to him than any personal accolades. Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers could not even make the postseason. And this year, even after all the troubles, they came so close to winning the title again, but the chance once again slipped away. Hence, after Game 4 of the WCF, James hinted about his retirement. Moreover, even if he does not retire, King James might look for a different team that has more chances to win a title in the recent future. While discussing the same, Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports stated on his show ‘The Herd’ that LeBron James may not be as loyal to Los Angeles as the fans want him to be. He might move to Dallas Mavericks.

There are rumors that Kyrie Irving wants LeBron James in the Dallas franchise. But what about James? Will he say no if he gets a call from the front office of the Mavericks? Cowherd even explained why Mavericks is a better fit for James. When the Lakers faced the Nuggets in the WCF, there was a gap in the shape and size of the opposite team. They were no match for Nikola Jokic because Anthony Davis has aged too quickly to stay in his prime. But the Joker is at his ultimate prime. LeBron needs a partner on the court like that. Hence, a perfect option for him will be Luka Doncic. He is at his prime as well and leading the Mavericks to the best of his abilities. LeBron mixes well with everyone, and he would have a great time in Dallas, also his final shot for the fifth championship ring.

King Have Won Four Titles With Three Different Teams

LeBron James
Kyrie Irving LeBron James Kevin Love Cavaliers Source: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In 2016 he led the Cavaliers to a miraculous comeback from a 1-3 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to win a title for Cleveland after half a century. LeBron James led the Cavaliers to back-to-back NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018, where they met the same opponents. However, the Cavaliers only won in 2016, but the Warriors won the other three times.

Later in 2018, LeBron James moved to Los Angeles Lakers, and he helped the side win their 17th title in 2020. When he came to the Lakers, it became the first team in Western Conference he played for. Since then, he has been part of the Lakers even if the team cannot win a championship anymore. However, the Los Angeles Lakers came close this 2022-23 season as they reached the western conference finals. But the current champions Denver Nuggets, blew the Los Angeles Lakers away 4-0.